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Asia G.

I love the feel after I get out the tub was definitely relaxing I went straight to sleep after

Amber F.

Smells amazing

Jackie S.

I love the scented balls especially the lavender it helps me to relax my mind

Joe B.

This is my favorite bath bomb.

Tina J.

Love it felt like all the stress on my body was gone for a day it was awesome

Martha D.

I love your product. Just got out of bath tub and I am totally relaxed. I love the ring it’s very pretty. I will buy again

Rachel H.

Love it

Mary W.


Trisha V.

It was a very nice experience.

Taletha P.

By far my favorite bath bomb.

Robin A.

Loved it so relaxed and people commented many times how beautiful my rings are.

Suzanna A.

It was so awesome and relaxing and love my ring❣❣❣❣

Delisha J.

It lift my skin soft and my bathroom smelling great

Becca L.

Love the bath bombs and the ring is really pretty ❣️❣️❣️

Krissy B.

The the bath bombs and how they leave my skin feeling. Also love the new rings I received.

Benjamin A.

My wife loves all the products your company has , she stated to me they work. She is more relaxed, calm, and feels better after a hard day at work. Thank you.

Michelle B.

The rings a excellent quality and the bath bombs are the BEST I’ve ever purchased!!! Keep up the amazing job Team😁

Sirena R.

It was very pretty.

Faith R.

When I got my package in the mail I was excited and I opened the bock and got an extra ring that wasn’t in the bathbomb

Haley C.

Bath bombs are great and the rings are so cute! This ring became my new favorite as soon as I saw it 😊

Mary L.

This bath bubblie was a gift for my daughter. Her son however decided she had to share so he got the bath and she got the ring. It was just beautiful and he loved the soothing bubbling of the bath bomb and the relaxing, calming sent. Thank you for an awesome product

Nancy V.

Love the rings. Planning on ordering more. Different sizes. Plus will get for my daughter & grandkids. Thank You, Nancy

Marlana M.

It smelled great n felt even greater on my skin I was absolutely sold on these bath bombs.. my skin was moisturized and was soft and smooth as could be.. thanks bubbly belle

Ashley C.

Smelled amazing!

Gracii P.

Was really cute and I am totally ordering more.

Megan F.

It smells so good! Plus it turned my bath water a nice ruby color!

Quary S.

My wife loves it

Mary M.

I have really enjoyed my bathbooms they have a lovely fragrance and makes your skin smooth and soft . The rings are so beautiful each one has its own beautiful look you will enjoy them I promise you will because I have really enjoyed mine.

Scott S.

I love the smell of this bath bomb


What a sweet soothing bath mixed with perfection! I usually drop my Bubble Belle ball in the tub, light some candles, a little Jazz music and enjoy until the ring pops up! There is always that fun waiting for it not knowing what kind of ring it will be. Gives me a reason to take more baths while soaking like a king!

Venus D.

I love the rings and the scent

Kelsey T.

I order them back to back after i'm done with the bath bombs. i am in love! The rings are beautiful, this one is by far my favorite ring! Forever buying them

Laurie K.

Love the rings and it's so amazing how the bath bombs work

Karen M.

I was very relaxed with the bubbly belle and the rings was fantastic! Thank you very much!

Stacy C.

Very helpful after a stressful night at work I loved it.

Tiffany L.

Amazing smell and I was so stress free in bath I ended up falling asleep my husband came to the bathroom and was like hey you need to get up if you want to sleep go to bed

Dusty W.

I don't actually take baths, my skin is too sensitive. That said I had a lot of fun watching the foamy bubbles over flow the container I placed my ball in. Ur was pretty awesome as it over flowed all on the table and smelled great.

Emily C.

Super fun and relaxing!

Barbara V.M A.


Deanna D.

These rings are always amazing and I get a complement on them every time i wear one!

Sandra J.

Omagosh this is amazing not to mention that you get a beautiful ring 3 of my rings were 25.00 each other was 15. I haven’t used my last one but so far my fingers are pretty an my skin is soft thank you 😊🥰

Catherine B.


Monalisa P.

Relaxing and smells amazing! My skin is so soft!! Beautiful ring!

Susan G.

Dropped bath bomb into the bath water started fizzing right away the smell you got around the whole house was Devine . After the bath my skin was so soft and it also made my hair nice and shinny quite surprised about that also no slimy mess left in bath after water drained away

Kathleen M.

I could relax for a while

Glenda F.

I like the scent

Girlinda R.

Breath taking Aromatherapy!!

Mary Marlene H.


Vanesa C.

Peaceful bathing! experience

Saleena C.

Amazing! Helps you relax after a LONG day driving or from work!! Always waiting for the next shipment to arrive.

Cindy D.


Susan S.

Love ❤️ these! And they smell so good! Makes your skin silky and soft 🌸

Michelle K.

They smell wonderful. I haven't had a chance to use one yet, but I can't wait to.

Aylene C.

I loved them all

Lisa G.

Love the bath bombs and they smell so good.

Amanda M.

Fantastic smell, made me feel so much better. And my skin felt healthy and happy.

terri k.

Got a beautiful ring can't wait to order again. Smelled so great!

Dixie T.

I eagerly await each package

Janet G.

I just love bath bombs. They are great ,you get a wonderful bath and a beautiful ring to go with your bath. The destresss bomb it is great smelling and feels like you have been to spa and then get a nice ring. You cant beat a deal like that for the price. BubblyBathBombsNo.1

Kim B.

I love the smells of the bath bombs

Linda S.

Very pleasant fragrance, and the ring is lovely!!

VaeLee O.

So relaxing and my skin is so soft afterward. Want to know if they are safe for dogs

Aurora G.

It made me feel so relaxed

Darlene F.

Love my ring 😍


It smelt good, the smell was a little over whelming for me but I liked it either way

Michelleann E.

Love the bath bombs. Just wish I would stop getting blue. Lol

Martha H.

I have received two other purchases and I loved them. Still waiting on my third but I can say that the rings are beautiful and fit perfectly...

Lynette E.

It felt so luxurious having the bath bomb. It made my bath all that much better.

Lisa M.

I had a sore muscle from someone cracking my back, I used my Destress bath bomb in hopes of getting a little relief from the muscle pain. I added my bath bomb after soaking in Epsom salt, and together they did relieve my muscle pain for a bit. So, that was great, it smelled nice too! And my little ring was pretty!

Barbra B.

It was so relaxing

Elizabeth C.

FINALLY I received today... And it smells amazing.

Susan B.

The smell of it surrounded me giving me a calm feeling.

Stacy L.


Amber C.

It relaxed me so much with music and candles

Cindy L.

Love all there products

Tracie F.

It wad the best one i have tried so far! Love the moisturizing feeling and enjoyed the color it changed the water. The ring inside was beautiful.

Vanessa S.

I really love it and liked it thank you

Linds C.

Nice relaxing wow

Katrina P.

Exzilaration!!! Awesome sauce thanks

Stephanie B.


Sara B.

Smooth on my skin

Danica O.

I felt like royalty when I took this amazing bath! This bomb turned the water orange! It had a great scent, and was so relaxing 😌

Leslie S.

Love These Bath Bombs and the Rings!! Amazing company and product!

Kurci W.

These bath bombs are to die for!!! Not only do they smell amazing, and look amazing, but the excitement to find out which ring you’ll get is so worth it! NEVER will you have one that you don’t LOVE!! I’m hooked!!

Cheyanne P.

I loved this bath bomb. It’s doesn’t have an overwhelming smell and didn’t leave me itchy when I got out of the bath.

Monica B.

I like the rings and the bath bombs very relaxing

Jennifer S.

Love my ring and love the bathbomd it smells so good had to order some more

Barbara B.

love th scent

Paula H.

I love ❤️ these I bought sooo many and gave them away as gifts my family loves as do i yes I do love them well got to go shop for more lol 😂!!!!

Brandi S.

Love it

Alesia C.

Best bath bombs I’ve ever used. The aroma is amazing and calming. Not to mention the surprise inside my rings are beautiful.

macy l.

This scent is AMAZING! I used it to relax after a long day and it was so calming! The scent is very soothing and puts me at ease.

Meg S.

One of my favorite scents!

Rebecca D.

I love the way I feel and smell after I have used my bath ball and the BEAUTIFUL RING is so special!

Heidi B.

The bathbomb was very well packaged. My daughter loved watching it dissolve and finding the ring! Shipping was quick!

Kathleen F.

Love them and beautiful rings inside have shared with many friends

Maryellen W.

After a long frustrating day at work this bomb works wonders to calm your mind and body!

Gaila S.

I am waiting to use it. But it smells very good.

Alison W.

Bath Bombs are amazing! Not too gritty or oily! Perfect combination. Love the rings!!!

Bobby W.

Fantastic as always

Kellee C.

Loving the bath bombs. And rings, thank you so much.