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Barbara W.

I am so happy I found the bath bombs. The rings are such a delight. I gave my favorite great niece 2 of the rings and she was very, very happy. I plan to give the bombs as Christmas gifts. The cost is such that I can afford to give everyone a bath bomb and I am sure everyone will love them as much as I do.

rachel c.

gave as a gift she loved it

Karli S.

Smelled really good

Kenyetta C.

My sister love destress .

Patty W.

It was great. Made me feel better.

Kelly B.

They were for my daughter so birthday and she loved them thank you

Ruth V.

I have ordered several times I love these bath bombs they smell amazing the rings a pretty just wish I could order more often I'm a customer for life

Robin j.

actually helps

Stephanie P.

My daughter love the fizzing bath bomb and the ring that would come with it

Katherine W.

Loved it

Tiffany A.

I really loved the bath bomb.

Susan M.

I drive for a living coming home for a bath is the best so unwind

Irene R.

Took a hot bath and just let this virus fade away while in tub. Wish it could remove virus.

Elizabeth G.


Jennifer M.

I love the way I can escape for just a little bit when using the bath bombs.

Patty R.

I love the smell of these bombs! And always excited to see the ring! They are beautiful!

Jeremy O.

This is Randy daughter Luisa I really enjoyed the bath bomb I got I also really like the 💍 my dad Randy had placed an order that was going to be my Valentine gift but some how by mistake I wrong cancellation message got sent to you so my Valentine GIF not canceled sadly to say Pat my father tonight reorder that gift for me have passed away on the 8th so that was going to be my last Valentine gift I have ever got from my father and now I didn't even get to receive it and it really hurts me badly so I don't know if I will be ordering from you and why not cuz every time I think about that it hurts my feelings

Bonnie L.

These are great bath bombs

Evelyn C.

They smell Awsome,

Francoise D.

I love the sleep bath bomb and the distress one too but I didn’t purchase anymore abd I took more money out of my bank without my permission I don’t like that please send me my money back inwould appreciate itb thanks mrs francoise dalcourt

Danica O.

I was having a terrible day when I decided to use my last bath bomb 🤬 Instantly I started to relax in the bath tub, but then when the ring popped up, I opened it, and it was beautiful! My favorite color too!

Elizabeth P.

Completely relaxed after that refreshing bath

Walter S.

My daughter absolutely love them all... Rings are very attractive also...she is very happy

Melanie W.

It was nice smelling, and it relaxed me

Sonia S.

It's really amazing the smell of the bath ball and the ring are so beautiful and the colors are very nice

Tracie J.

Love it and how it smells, smells so good it was relaxing

Elizabeth V. A.

I love it Exspcialy the beautiful rings.

Shannon C.

Love them all!

Judy H.

I love these bath bombs. These are my special times, when I have time to relax, to soak in the tub and unwind. I love the way they make my skin feel. Just that alone makes the price very good. The fun part is the little bubble that pops up with the ring inside. Just an added treat. You will love these and you will LOVE the price!!!

Brittany B.

I love the ring and bath bomb will be ordering again

Briget F.

I loved the sent of the destrees

Karen G.

Totally amazing. Could not believe the way my skin feels. Will continue buying

Michelle M.

Am looking forward to the experience and the smell is wonderful!!

Candy A.

I enjoyed the bath bomb and the rings

Traci R.

I've been ordering from Bubbly Belle for almost a year and I'm absolutely in love!

Paula B.

Bubbly Belle. I just received my package this morning I haven't had a chance to use it yet but they smell so beautiful and I'm about ready to draw my bath water and put one in and soak see I had back surgery a long while back and for about 2 weeks my back is hurt me something fierce to where I can hardly walk today so here in a little bit I'm going to go dry nice hot bath and put a bath bomb in and soak for a long time I love your product it's amazing and the Rings I adore. Sincerely your friend Paula I will send you a picture of myself but I don't have one I have to take a picture then I'll send it but against sincerely your friend Paula I'll be ordering again here real soon

Bonnie S.

It was a beautiful ring

kristin j.

Its such a unique ring. Cant go wrong with the price. Im addicted to these bath bombs.

Roberta H.

Piece of paradise with a beautiful surprise. All in one.

Sharron R.

Beautiful ring

Kellie K.

I love how they leave my skin so soft and moisturied.

Amy M.

I fell asleep for an hour in the tub. Loved it.

Kimberly W.

Ring s r beautiful and mAke great gifts

Lynette N.

The bath bomb. Helped me after a bad day to relax

glenn w.

Wife loves them

Nanette S.

I love the smell of it I'm sure it will work well when I try it

Brooke H.

I finally got the opportunity to try the Bubbly Belle bath bomb and I must say that it was really awesome. I am not someone who normally likes bath bombs or anything like that but this particular brand really knows how to make a person feel good and less stressed. My skin felt so smooth, almost luxurious feeling. And I not only got one ring but they gave me a free one also with their promotion and they both were absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend everyone to try Bubbly Belle bath bombs. They really will leave you feeling good and alleviate some stress by allowing you to relax. I want to give thanks to the creators of Bubbly Belle, you are awesome and so is your product so I wish you all the success in continuing your mission!!

Virginia L.

Awesome gave them as Christmas gifts and they Love them

Michelle T.

Where do I start, let me start by saying the bath bombs are exactly that “The Bomb” they smell absolutely amazing and are so relaxing! Then on to the rings what can I can except WOW! They are so stunning I get so many compliments. If you’d like to treat yourself or don’t know what to get that hard to buy for person I highly recommend Bubbly Belle with out a doubt!

Patricia M.

I don't know how to show a picture

Teresa F.

Love the scent and the rings are really nice

Cristina V.

Love the bath bombs, they smelled really great and the rings are beautiful. I shared one of them with my daughter and I will be giving the others as Christmas gift.

Paul P.

My wife simply loved the ring

Theresa F.

Loved it all

DeborahLuci S.

Love relaxing in a warm tub to the wonderful's heavenly!

Arletta H.

I have truly enjoyed all my bath bombs so far nd the rings are beautiful I shud have ordered a bigger size but they are amazing

Cassidy C.

I love the smells of the bath bombs. The rings that I purchased with it are absolutely gorgeous and go with all my outfits 😍

Hannah A.

Help with relaxing

Pamela M.


Dawn P.

This was one of the free rings, I purchased the bath bombs as Christmas Stocking staffers . I gave two of them to my daughters, and they loved them, my youngest loved hers so much she bought some for her daughters.

Mary R.

Love love love the bath bombs with a ring bonus what's not to love.....just sayin

Teresa B.

I love the sleep one. I will definitely be purchasing more. The lavendar ine was awesome too.

Kirinia E.

So exciting Love my presents So addictive

Gail W.

I was so happy with the super fast shipping! The bath bombs are so fizzy & I love anticipating seeing my ring!!

Justin L.

Love it

Lynda H.


Kirstin B.

I loved the bath bombs!! Also the rings were beautiful!!!!

Shana W.


Trinaca M.


Jennifer F.

My ring is beautiful that I got. I just wish it was a bigger size because I got the size that I wear but it doesn't seem like it's it's like the size. Of my finger I'm a seven but it doesn't fit like a 7 but it's beautiful. Too bad. I can't wear it.

Mistie C.

Absolutely awesome

Jeanette H.

Was worth the money

Kimberly D.

Smell awesome

Anita H.


Lucinda H.

Super relaxing! Everything I was hoping for, not to mention the lovely ring inside!

Janet A.

So relaxing. The aroma just soothes the soul

Tamara S.

Love the bombs! Absolutely love um!


I have been under a great deal of stress lately after my surgery. Last night was the first time I was able to take a bath in 4 weeks. After I use the distress foaming bomb, I was so relaxed and my skin was very moisturized. It was amazing

lloyd Q.

I have 5 daughters and all of them love your products and... I'm the greatest Dad in the world. when I inform them I've got an order coming ! They love you .and I love them ........ LLOYD A QUINN

Teresa B.

Very relaxing

Pauline K.

I soak in the bathtub and My headache runaway

Marjorie C.

It is very good bath bombs

Wendy G.

I love the aroma and the oils in it. I just lay back and relax. The rings are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Sandra V.

Lovely smell and makes baths feel great,

Katie B.

I made me a tub of water for my bath put the bath bomb in and got in and relaxed me I wound recommend it to anybody love it

Debra H.

I love the way my skin is so soft after I use a bath bomb

Kelly S.

the bath bomb made my skin very soft, and I love the rings!

Diavione S.

So beautiful


I absolutely love the rings and the nice smelling bath balms!!

Cindy B.

I love the Bath Booms for what I know about them and for what my Adult daughters have said, the ring is a great bonus. My orders came quickly and were packaged very well, good and safe. As these are Christmas gifts the ordeal of basking in all there glory will have to wait for now. My room smells real sweet with the four booms in it waiting to be wrapped and go under the tree. So excited 😀. Thank you bubbly belle

Jennifer V.

It was so relaxing and I loved it. It's hard for me to loosen up and this helped significantly!!

Regina B.

I enjoy the feeling and the scent they give off. Thank you

Melissa D.

I really love it!! Smell great and make my skin feels so smooth.. and a beautiful ring..

Diana W.

Great scent and wonderful experience, one of my sea gems, picture attached to previous review.

Sandra D.

Totally relaxed. Went to sleep in bath it was so good

Linda D.

Smells wonderful! It definitely made me feel relaxed when I used it in my bath, I would recommend this !

Marilyn P.

I simply Love the Bath Bombs they are Wonderful the smell is awesome and leaves your skin silky smooth and soft. I recommend them to all my friends ♥️♥️♥️

Jennifer F.

Fast delivery very good bath bomb and pretty rings

Toni M.

I love my rings I was wondering if you have half sizes ..I would love to win one of your beautiful ten thousand dollars rings I love rings thank you for your beautiful rings 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Quotusha O.

Love IT I will be ordering more!!

Carmen R.

I absolutely loved it. Thank you for my beautiful rings too. Faithful Bubbly Belle Girl, looking forward to the rest of my bath bombs.