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lynette w.

Amazing colour and smell

Joyce K.

Gave it as a gift and she loved it

Gail W.

I was so happy with the super fast shipping! The bath bombs are so fizzy & I love anticipating seeing my ring!!

Tina M.

I πŸ’œthis bath bomb;Purple my favorite color; Thanx so much; Bubbly Belle: Absolutely the Best! Good DayπŸ˜ƒ

Chastidy J.

Absolutely loved it! Very relaxing!

Kerrin S.

I always love my baths but now they are even more enjoyable. I love my ring 😁 unfortunately I am a GOLD GIRL but will share with My Friends πŸ’–

Molli M.

Wonderful product

Rachel B.

I loved the smell and loved the ring that came with it!!

Tristan M. W.


Connie P.

Try them all

Tiffany S.

Smells wonderful and really helped

Kim S.

Love love them smells is to die for

April N.

It's a beautiful ring worth 20 dollars!! Tomorrow is my birthday wish I could have some more for my birthday shipped to me as a gift! :) the other two were also VERY PRETTY. Both worth 10 dollars and the free one was beautiful as well! I really like the one I'm wearing in the picture and it's a heart shaped which my boyfriend and I opened together and it was so romantic!

Victoria M.

It was fun to play with and it smelled amazing, you guys should definitely buy some!!!

Traci E.

I haven't used this one yet but am sure I will love it just the same. Loved the first one so much I ordered more

Mary C.

I had a very stressful day at work and when I used the destress ball it really helped me relax.

Stacey A.

Omg I love the bombs ,so relaxing smell fabulous and I am so soft as you can see I work like a man n hv man hands lolol but my rings look awsum ,thanks so much I'm addicted

Cassey T.

Loved the bath bomb I got I ordered another one. Definitely didn't dryvmy skin out most do which is awesome. Would definitely tell about the bath bombs from this site they are amazing!!!!

carlee m.

Destress is my favorite the smells melt your worries away and leave your skin so soft

tabitha e.

really love it

Janet H.

Rejuvenate with this one

Linda B.

Very nice. Beautiful colors

Tabatha F.

Love it

Yolanda V.

Loved this one and the smell, the ring is beautiful my birthstone Too.

Krissy B.

The the bath bombs and how they leave my skin feeling. Also love the new rings I received.

Tiffany G.

Not a fan of the ring but love the bath bomb

letitia C.

I love it and so do 5 of my close friends and sister who got a bubble ball with a ring in it. I am excited to see what I got in my next order. Thank you, Letitia Corpuz

Kirsty G.

Daughter was really stressed, told her to have a bath and threw the β€œdestress” bath bomb in, within a few minutes she was calming down. Highly recommend

Vickie J.

Love the bath bombs. As for the rings they are beautiful but turns your fingers green that I don't like.

Ladesha V.

I was pleasantly surprised. I would order again and would recommended to my friends and my family.πŸ’–

Irene R.

Took a hot bath and just let this virus fade away while in tub. Wish it could remove virus.

Amelia D.

Got this as a christmas gift for my mom who loves to take baths, she loved it and the free ring I got was beautiful. The only thing I wish i couldve done was change which ring size I wanted for each individual item however I couldn't figure out how to do that. :( Other than that though it was fast and easy. Great products :)

Valarie N.

This one was very relaxing and the smell was awesome

Toni M.

I love my rings I was wondering if you have half sizes ..I would love to win one of your beautiful ten thousand dollars rings I love rings thank you for your beautiful rings 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Cassidy C.

I love the smells of the bath bombs. The rings that I purchased with it are absolutely gorgeous and go with all my outfits 😍

Angela G.

I love them! The rings are still pretty and the bath bombs smell amazing!!!

Latricia H.

OMG, it was so relaxing. Smelled Amazing. The ring was pretty.

Elizabeth C.

FINALLY I received today... And it smells amazing.

Rosalie B.

They are amazing love the scents how they make me feel and the rings are amazing

Amy P.

I love ordering from here!

Katie M.

Love the bath bombs.... I get the destress and will definitely get more!!! I love that I get a ring in everyone that I have gotten. Will definitely be telling friends and family!!!

Glenda F.

Relaxing scent

freda s.

Love my bath bombs,they are great and my new rings that are on my fingers are beautiful. Thank you all so much.

Tammie C.

The aroma and feel of the bath bomb both relaxed and comforted me. I will definitely use more in the future.

Ann S.

I actually bought these as a Christmas present for my best friend. She told me she has wanted these for a while, so wont know much until after the holidays.

Leslie H.

Love the fragrance!

Ellen H.

I love the bath I normally takes showers but it leaves your skin so soft I ordered four more that's how much I love it

Tiffany P.

I absolutely loved the bath bomb. I ordered more I loved it so much.

Debby S.

I like watching the ball desol in the tub. They also smell great. Rings are cool and a bonus.

Sherrie W.

i have been using mine in the shower, it is slow desolving but it smells so good. i love the suprises i get with each one i use. my collection is growing thank you bubbly bell.

Laurie L.

Awesome, just like a double rainbow!

Kathy F.

My tween loves her beautiful and generous sized bath bombs ! She loves how they make the bathroom smell so lovely !

Devin O.

I absolutely love the bath bombs, they are the great for helping me relax after a long days work. The rings are an added bonus

Kimberly B.

This was such a wonderful soak. I enjoyed it immensely.

Katheryn S.

I love all the bath bombs

Kelly S.

the bath bomb made my skin very soft, and I love the rings!

Tracey B.

Love love love Bubbly Belle!! I’ve enjoyed all products and each one smell so wonderful and have helped with my anxiety in some kind of way! Rather relaxing with a Bath Bomb or using an essential oil diffuser!! Each ring are so beautiful!!!

Kelly R.

I love you all so dearly! I got this last batch for my daughter. She loves them as much as I do! We love the scents, the way our skin feels after a soak and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE the bling! Thank you all so much!

Amber Z.

I’m so in love with your bath bombs! They help me relax and Wine down after my 10-12 hour shifts that I do in a retail store.

Rayneita W.

I love everyone of my rings

Michelle B.

This was a special gift for my daughter Rita. She was totally excited that I had got her one! Oh mom! You care!! πŸ˜† She said. Thank you again for making my gift giving so simple.😁

Clifina M.

i just love all my bath bombs, not only do they make my skin feel silky soft but i smell amazing too... not to mention all my beautiful rings I'm collecting. : )

Kathy H.

This destress bomb was really helpful to relax me !

Cyndi R.

Love this one it relaxed me. The ring is beautiful

Tranita. M.

It's relaxing and the aroma is just wonderful and peaceful

Sylvia S.

The sleep bomb was amazing and very relaxing. I felt so good and my whole body felt so soft and relaxing. And the stress bomb as well. Thank you so much.

Diana H.

Smells amazing an leave skin soft love my rings

Tanna I.

Love it

Carrie W.

Absolutely loved it!!

Jasmine T.

Enjoyed it and love the ring as well

sandy c.

they all smell so nice

Glenda E.

The Bath Booms were fantastic , loved the way it made my skin feel and the scent just totally relaxed me, just like over the moon great and of course the rings are a very nice bonus in the bath as a little gift to yourself. Many thanks to you Karen.

Trish F.

So good! Great smell and left me with soft skin!

Shalene W.

Best bath bombs ever. They float just as they show and their smell is amazing. My destress bomb let me relax and feel calmer. The rings are a fun jewelry accessory for my daughter.

Kelly B.

The bath bombs were awesome the rings are cheap

Shirley B.

Love the smell

Linda R.

I am not sure other people were thrilled or not. But except for a child, I did not think the rings were very attractive. Not even the special for myself. I ordered myself s 5 and it turned out too small. I lost the emIl about sizes. You probably have shipped. If not. I want mostly 6 or 7. Maybe just one 8. I will order more near Christmas for stocking stuffers. Maybe some bells or angels. Some fish for boys or elephants Girls would like butterflies.or angels. Just some thoughts. I don’t know what you can do to improve the rings without some expense. But they do look very cheap. The stones are not so bad But the settings need to be more attractive. Add some swirl or leaves or other. They just need something. People will be happier..

Jeanette W.

Love softness of skin after bath, smell of bombs are great & rings are beautiful

Kimberly W.

Perfect fit. Love the unique cut and details.

Gail P.

Nice smell. Surpise ring. Very relaxing. Like to watch it melt..

Shari G.

I love your bath bombs!! I am going to order more of them soon for sureπŸ’•πŸ’•

Lisa M.

The smell is amazing, the ring is beautiful and my skin is now super soft

Amy S.

Love the bath bombs and rings.

Karrann G.

Fell beautiful and smell fresh

Eva R.

It was very relaxing would use it again

Bonnie B.

The bath bomb was very fragrant and made my skin soft.

Tonya B.

Very pretty ring to admire while relaxing calmly in the gentle scents. Enjoyable all together.

Lorrie G.

Enjoyed watching it fizz. Relaxed in hot tub, treatment left soft smooth skin. Will continue to enjoy other mood balls. BullyBelles..

Karen M.

I was very relaxed with the bubbly belle and the rings was fantastic! Thank you very much!

Tamie S.

Great smell and smooth skin afterward. The Rings are beautiful. Thank you

April C.


Melissa M.

It was so relaxing, and it made my skin so smooth. I'd definitely recommend it. I'm excited to try the lavender one. Except the rings were too small. I wonder if I could return and get a size 6

Judy K.

It helps when your depressed

Linda P.

I love the bath bombs! Just ordered more!

Randon R.

I loved the smell and how it changed the color of the bath and how much bubbles it produced

Kimberly S.

I have loved all the bathbombs that I have gotten from bubbly belle. I was a little disappointed that the order that I last purchased was suppose to have an extra ring and it wasn’t in the box. I sent an e-Mail about it and don’t have a response yet.

bethany V.

It was relaxing

Loretta M.

It felt so awesome to receive my new bubbly Belle bomb and they not only smell amazing but feel amazing also. I loved every ring that I have gotten from you also. Thank you Soo Soo much for all your hard work.πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’“

Leslie S.

Love These Bath Bombs and the Rings!! Amazing company and product!

Susan M.

I drive for a living coming home for a bath is the best so unwind

Kalie K.

I'm SO excited to drop it in the tub tonight! It's so much bigger than expected and smells AMAZING! I love it! Thanks Bubbly Belle.