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Jennifer F.

Fast delivery very good bath bomb and pretty rings

Kristen S.

Love the scent.

Kristin W.

Loved it smelled very good

Darla O.

Going through stress ...this is so good to drop into your tub and relax. Going to order more.

Quiahnya C.

It did exactly what ít said, “distress." I was ready for my day of chaos with a clear head.

Marilyn G.

I loved it it was just beautiful made me feel so soft and elegant And the fragrance felt like I was in a deep warm succulent massage parlor

Anetta M.

I just love how the rings pop out the ball in bathtub.

Vanessa R.

Can't do without them!

Dareese C.

I love the bath bombs they are so relaxing and the rings are beautiful. Gave one to my Daughter's now my 21 year old is hooked and my 9 year old was so excited to get her own and she loved her ring.

Frances H.

Granddaughter she it was wonderful

Michaela B.

This one is one of my faves. It is very relaxing and I really do destress.

Jacoba D.

I love the bath bombs they are amazing. I will be getting more very soon.

pam m.

I love the smell and the smooth skin

Gloria S.

It like receiving a birthday present every time you take a bath

Rebecca F.

So relaxing!!!!!!

Elizabeth S.

I really got out of the tub feeling really refreshed

Dawn M.

Very relaxing

Deena C.

The bath bombs are wondering they smell so amazing. They have very pretty rings in them!

Fiona G.

Like it A lot

Diane R.

The best smell ever!!!

Harriet V.


Becca L.

Love the bath bombs and the ring is really pretty ❣️❣️❣️

Shirley B.

Love the smell

Jennifer M.

I love the way I can escape for just a little bit when using the bath bombs.

francine b.

I love taking a bath with it it really relaxes me

Holly K.

Love these rings just wish there was a count as to what colors we have been sent. I have 4 dark emerald green, wish I could have more variety! But I love these rings!

Kelly S.

I just ordered my 3rd order in the last month! I love the amazing bathbombs and the rings are amazing! Don't wait!

Melissa K.

Relaxing just loved it can't wait to try my other ones I got

Dawn B.

Love your products working in the health care 3rd shift and coming home and taking a hot bath in the morning it helps me relax and sleep a lot better.

Tammy D.

Love the ring its beautiful

Shawna H.

the smells was great dispersed perfectly and really did feel relaxed

Cynthia G.

The bath bomb/ring that I was purchased was a gift. I do not have a picture of it. My sister was very pleased with the ring.

Deanna S.

Very lovely smell!! Loved this one and my kids loved the free one! Nice bath for before bed 👍

Linda B.

Loved the bomb, it was wonderful! But the ring, even though nice, was a triplicate for me, and leaves me dismayed .

Kelsey T.

I order them back to back after i'm done with the bath bombs. i am in love! The rings are beautiful, this one is by far my favorite ring! Forever buying them

Michaela S.

Love this!

Sandra J.

Love ❤️ this bath bomb! At the end of the day, when I am stressed, I know I am going to get relaxed as soon as I take my wonderful bath with my very relaxing bath bomb and smell very nice!

Abby S.

Love the scent and the ring is awesome

Susan T.

Really takes my stress away.

Tina Y.

This is a great one as well. I just love this company

Tessa B.

I love all of my rings but didn’t revive my 2 size 5 or my 3 size 7 in time for Christmas still waiting

Jeremy O.

This is Randy daughter Luisa I really enjoyed the bath bomb I got I also really like the 💍 my dad Randy had placed an order that was going to be my Valentine gift but some how by mistake I wrong cancellation message got sent to you so my Valentine GIF not canceled sadly to say Pat my father tonight reorder that gift for me have passed away on the 8th so that was going to be my last Valentine gift I have ever got from my father and now I didn't even get to receive it and it really hurts me badly so I don't know if I will be ordering from you and why not cuz every time I think about that it hurts my feelings

Dianne C.

Smells great 👍

Andrea A.

I was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing all of these great reviews I decided to give it a try. I must say I'm hooked!! The bath bombs smell so good and my my skin feel so soft. Most of the rings I've gotten so far have been beautiful.

ashlyn b.

Absolutely amazing. I don’t think i will ever be able to buy a bath bomb from somewhere else!!!😍🛁

Mara M.

Love getting out of the bath feeling smooth and relaxed! Would highly recommend getting a few and spending some time taking care of yourself!

Cassie D.

Loved it

Danny C.

Wife said it was amazing

Shammi F.

I love the rings and the bath bombs

Kathy S.

Beautiful rings and awesome scents!!!

Claretha M.

I love them they smell wonder full

Maria P.

It beautiful will be ordering more bathbombs

Rhonda M.

I’m absolutely thrilled with my purple ring and the Destress bath bomb was divine!

Barbra B.

It was so relaxing

Stephanie V.

I love my ring that was in my bath bomb. My bath was relaxing and the scent was perfect. Not really strong which is good. Made the water a pretty pink. Did not turn my tub pink.

Kurci W.

These bath bombs are to die for!!! Not only do they smell amazing, and look amazing, but the excitement to find out which ring you’ll get is so worth it! NEVER will you have one that you don’t LOVE!! I’m hooked!!

Kimberly W.

I didn’t care for starry night it was black in color it stained my bath tub and my body but love all the others so far

jazmin Mercado j.


Bernadette H.

They are so soothing and relaxing I would recommend them to anyone.

Vanessa B.

Loved it

Delores. L B.

My daughter really love getting the bath ball she loves the way it makes her feel

Judy H.

Love these bath bombs, however they would be absolutely wonderful if they also made a bubble bath out of it. Would LOVE to see that with them all.

Rebecca D.

I love the way I feel and smell after I have used my bath ball and the BEAUTIFUL RING is so special!

Justin T.

She loved it. Took her two hours to get out of tub. She was sore and stiff from office she felt great after bath

Brandi S.

Love it

Linda B.

Its fun

Cheryle M.

Really does Destress u. And can't beat the bling for ur fingers.

Karen J.

The bath bombs are great the rings are just cheap costume jewellery

Katie B.

I made me a tub of water for my bath put the bath bomb in and got in and relaxed me I wound recommend it to anybody love it

Rhonda E.

I love bubble bell it makes me feel really soft and at my age that is really incredible and I love the smell as well. Thanks so much Bubble Bell.

Betty l.

The bath bombs is nice to relax I like it thank you.

Kimberly B.

I was co relaxed and calm afterwards

Lisa M.

Wonderful fragrance!

Jocelyn C.

This was the only bath bomb that i bought that stayed together after i unwrapped it.

Audra B.

This one I've used before. Love it!!

Dorothy S.

The rings I got are so beautiful the sparkle in them is on real I love them and would recommend to everyone

Tanna I.

Love it

Misty F.

I love the design.

Charlene A B.

I love love this product just wish they were lower prices.

Jolyen H.

I wasn’t sure it was worth the money but it really is Worth the money it smells great and it does relax you! The ring is pretty but I do t know if anyone gets a Ring worth more then $15 but it’s a nice surprise!

Brad E.

I love it! I bought a de-stress one for my mom’s b-day and she loved it! The scent was amazing and the ring was beautiful. They’re huge so I suggest cutting it in half.

Shannon B.

The scent is so relaxing .

kristen g.

I think these bath bombs are amazing.

Ricky A.

Myself, I’ve never used one, but my girl friend loves them and would use one everyday if possible but paying such a high price for them is really beyond my means to let her use one everyday!

Tahava D.

The rings are beautiful and perfect fit

Anita R.

Love my bath bombs

Melissa A.

Omg this bath bomb is amazing the minute it turned up I ran my self a nice hot bath popped it in and it smelt amazing. This was the best bath I've had for ages thank you xxxx

Shalene W.

Best bath bombs ever. They float just as they show and their smell is amazing. My destress bomb let me relax and feel calmer. The rings are a fun jewelry accessory for my daughter.

Gina S.

Totally Loved The “ Distress” one I ordered ( really gave me a feeling of calm after soaking in the tub)and also the ring inside very pretty and charming ; I was inclined to make two more orders in one day; I also know these will make very nice gifts Thankyou Bubblybelle for your Service!!Sincerely ; Gina in CA!!

Daisy S.

Love it, can't wait til I get lots more

Denise B.

I really love it

Jessica B.

I LOVE these bath bombs! They always smell amazing and make me geel great! The rings weren't as nice as ive usually recieved tho. Kinda cheap and chintzy looking actually.

Danica O.

I was having a terrible day when I decided to use my last bath bomb 🤬 Instantly I started to relax in the bath tub, but then when the ring popped up, I opened it, and it was beautiful! My favorite color too!

Donna W.

This one is favorite ive bought one for each my daughters n grand daughter .in korea .she was missing home n sent to her .she luved it .they all did il be buying more

Teresa C.

Gorgeous ring... And as always distress is my favorite bath bomb besides Zen absolutely adore it makes my skin feels so soft and I love the orangy color it makes my bathtub water

Claudette M.

I love. the way the water changes colors when its in the water and i wait for my unexpected gift wondering i don't open it until I'm finish relaxing in my tub with water massaging my back and legs and feet i lay back watching wondering what am i about to venture and guess what im not telling

Martha H.

I have received two other purchases and I loved them. Still waiting on my third but I can say that the rings are beautiful and fit perfectly...

Melissa M.


Leah P.

Tonight I used the Sleep bomb which was absolutely heaven! My skin feels soft and smooth and I feel very relaxed. The ring I found is a beautiful square cut clear stone with a twisted silver band. Love, love, love Bubbly Belle!

Tiffany S.

Love how it smells and skin is so soft after!

Katie M.

It was perfect for a stressful day