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Rachel A.

Absolutely ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my rings!! I give bath bombs to my oldest daughter!! She ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️‘S them!! Both my daughters have birthdays coming up 3/1 n 3/24 so I’m giving them the rings for part of their birthday gifts!! 😊😊😊😊

Dayna B.

I really appreciate the beautiful rings that come in the bath boom's . And I love how they make me feel.

Shaletia C.

I finally got my order today and I love it

Kim R.

I used the destress and loved it. Smelled great and my skin was so soft afterwards. The ring is beautiful.

Danielle W.

Love this!!! The way it bubbles up and the colors it emits are wonderful. Just watching it is relaxing!!! The fragrance is to die for!!! Tension, stress, worries and fatigue are all in your system before you get in the bath. Once you get in, you relax and it's like paradise sets in to calm and soothe you. You feel so much better once you get out of the tub. Great product. Highly recommended!!!!!!

Kurci W.

These bath bombs are to die for!!! Not only do they smell amazing, and look amazing, but the excitement to find out which ring you’ll get is so worth it! NEVER will you have one that you don’t LOVE!! I’m hooked!!

Debra H.

I love the way my skin is so soft after I use a bath bomb

Meg S.

Love Destress. It smells lovely and the ring is beautiful.

Kristina R.

This is one of the coolest rings I’ve got yet! The destress bath bomb was exactly what I needed during these trying times. Thanks so much Bubbly Belle!!!

Lucia P.

Smells nice and left me feeling relaxed

Katie B.

It smelled amazing AND the ring was really pretty and turned my water a pretty shade of light scarlet

Cindy L.

I love the bath bombs from you. I have never been so relaxed after any other bath bombs. Nothing so far compares to the quality or natural products used. I would recommend these to every one.

Loretta M.

It felt so awesome to receive my new bubbly Belle bomb and they not only smell amazing but feel amazing also. I loved every ring that I have gotten from you also. Thank you Soo Soo much for all your hard work.👌😁😁💓

Rebecca H.

Loved it!! This is my favorite!! Made my skin soft, didn’t flare up my eczema and smelled great

Michaela G.

Love the bombs and love seeing what kind of rings I get!

brittany f.

Love the smell! Makes my skin smooth as it relaxes me! And a beautiful ring that came with it was amazing!

Jennifer S.

Love my ring and love the bathbomd it smells so good had to order some more

Susan S.

Also one of my favorites! Very sensual and relaxing! Rings are all very pretty, as well!

Lynette N.

The bath bomb. Helped me after a bad day to relax

Jeanette H.

Was worth the money

Janice A.

Recieved my package . Love the rings. Have warn them since recieving them. Looking forward to my next order. The bath boom was wonderful.

Kathleen M.

It actually does help

Sabrina L.

I think this was my favorite one I have bought so far. It smells like those mango mexican suckers 😍😍

Verna P.

My boyfriend loved it

Teresa P.

Was an awesome experience

Toni C.

The ideal relationship between my body and the soothing and fragrant smell of my Bubbly Belle, was a beautiful coupling. Thank you💖

Angela S.

Sent other videos threw Instagram. Feel free to share.

Angela C.

Helps decrease stress

Roberta H.

Piece of paradise with a beautiful surprise. All in one.

Jessica L.


Laverne B.


Danielle M.

Love it

Brandi H.

It really works

Claretha M.

I love them they smell wonder full

Geraldine E.

What a nice feeling to be relaxed for q change and I love the ring even know it's only vauled at $20 just love it

Trenita S.

You can actually feel the stress just leaving your body, really enjoyed it.

Krissy B.

The the bath bombs and how they leave my skin feeling. Also love the new rings I received.

Sandie F.

un moment quotidien après une journée de travail quelle belle récompense merci

April C.


Cryselda G.

Will be ordering again

Randon R.

I loved the smell and how it changed the color of the bath and how much bubbles it produced

Sara s.

This and massage are my favorites.

Linda L.

So soothing! Love the ring!

Terecia S.

Loved the bath bomb made my skin soft. I took my ring into work to show it off to all my friends. They were all impressed with the quality for the price.

Darlene R.

I love the bath bombs but I can not resist the thrill of what my new ring looks exciting

William B.

Love the fragrance. As with all the Bubbly Belle's, there is a ton of fragrance in each bomb. Because of my Asthma, I've learned to cut each bomb in half. The ring is beautiful, though I just received the exact same one in my Silly Santa bomb. One can never have too many, right?

kristen g.

I think these bath bombs are amazing.

brenda a.

the joy on people faces getting this product is amazing .what a great gift

Patricia W.

Love the smell of the bath bombs

Jessica T.

It was great and did justice

Ronald S.

I love the bath bombs & rings that I received but I'm still waiting on the rest of my order. I should have already got it but I haven't!! Can't wait to get it & see what I have!!! Thank you very much 😉💓💞🤩

Tammi S.

I love the aroma that infuses my bath! I just wish it lasted longer as it does help to relax me. As i am disabled, i need all the help I can get.

Tamatha W.

I loved it.

Martha H.

I have received two other purchases and I loved them. Still waiting on my third but I can say that the rings are beautiful and fit perfectly...

Rhonda R.

The bath bomb helped me feel so relaxed after having a really horrible and stressful day at work and when I got home to see it waiting for me at my door and then using it was just awesome!!!!

Victoria H.

It really relaxed me. I almost fell asleep in the tub.


I love these bath bombs, I think the destress ball is my favorite and the ring matched the color of the bath water perfectly. A beautiful peach color stone in a simply lovely setting. I haven't taken a picture yet but I will get off my lazy butt and do just that! Don't hesitate, bubbly belle is a wonderful gift for yourself. I almost have a ring for every finger.

Lynn B.

They are smell good and the rings are beautiful

Karen B.

I love everything about Bubbly Belle. The bath bombs are the bomb! The smell great and make ur skin hydrated and silky smooth and soft...

Rebecca M.

I used my first bath bomb last night. Distress was the one that I used and I was amazed at how silky soft my skin felt. The nicest fragrance filled the air and swept me away to a simpler time and place. I love it !!

Lesley B.

The stone came out of the prongs as I was putting the ring on.

Eliza F.

The bath bombs smell so good and the rings are so beautiful 😍

Susan T.

Absolutely my favorite. I feel the stress leaving my body with this one.

Debbie F.

You will feel relaxed and so comfortable after you are done.

Summer S.

Very relaxing

Penny S.

The bath bomb was very relaxing and the ring very beautiful,

Kimberly G.

Loved bomb and my beautiful purple stone ring

Diane G.

Got out of the bath and felt so relaxed and was in an awesome mood!!!

Aleshia O.

Thank you. When i received my package at work i couldn't wait to open it. I could hardly wait to go home. It was fun waiting to see what ring i would get.

April S.

I especially love this one this one was the one that relaxed my whole entire body that experience was awesome

Kayla S.

Smelled awesome! Love the color when it dissolved!!

Evangeline R.

It’s da BOMB

Brooke L.

Love the fragrance of this bath bomb!!

Debbie P.

Love my item

Cynthia P.

Very relaxing and smells awesome

Stephen S.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to get anymore, due to me not having a bathtub. However, as a gift, I think it's a wonderful idea.

Kelly L.

Love these bath bombs

Ivy L.

No photo!

Cassandra V.

Love the bath bombs and the rings

Davida W.

Love the way i can treat myself to a special time in the bath n get extra gift.

sue h.

Love to smell

Kimberly B.

This was such a wonderful soak. I enjoyed it immensely.

Audriana A.

Best one I love

Emily H.

Love this one it is my favorite so far.

Mandy K.

Relaxing n calm.

Jacoba D.

I love the bath bombs they are amazing. I will be getting more very soon.

Nikolus S.


April T.

Bath bomb was so relaxing and I uave gotten so many compliments on the ring!!

Cheryle M.

Really does Destress u. And can't beat the bling for ur fingers.

Deseree A.

It smells so freaking good, aromatic, and had my bath water soft!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!! 💋💋💙💙

Alexis S.

Absolutely loved the bath bomb it was relaxing and smelt AMAZING!.. BUT I was a little disappointed as I got the same looking ring twice in a row, very boring and plain rings. ):

Brandy M.

I love these ! They work amazing and I look forward to them every evening

Kylie O.

I got my 3 rings and they are absolutely beautiful, I loved the smell of my bath bomb. I’m impressed by everything bubbly belle is doing for their customers. Thank you bubbly belle!

Melissa K.

The bath bomb was great . I can’t wait to try a new one when my tub gets fixed. The ring is gorgeous and so different . I love the ring and the awesome feeling on the bath bomb it was so relaxing .

Heather B.

Great smelling bath bomb & beautiful $20 ring!

Laura H.

Beautiful blue stoned ring and the bomb smelled amazing and the oils really help soothe your skin.

Rebecca A.

Love it

Karen B.

It was a nice mellow smell

Anita R.

The smell is amazing

Christina A.

Loving them all so much

Jennifer C.

Love Bubbly Belle. Smells great and the rings are really cute.