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Virginia D.


Linda D.

Makes my skin smooth down to my toes!

Tosha R.

I buy them for my daughter she absolutely loves them and the rings.

Patricia M.

Took all the days stress away

Angela S.

Sent other videos threw Instagram. Feel free to share.

Connie H.

Takes my cares away

Candy C.

The smell is so soothing....Bubbles Belle is the only bath bomb I can use that doesn't make my skin break it

Daphane S.

I enjoyed the fragrance of the destress bath bomb. I have cut the bath bomb in half and use only a fourth at a time and use the other half for a while as air freshener in front of a vent in my bedroom. I love the scent of all the bath bombs I bought. I think the rings are beautiful. I love the surprise of the ring colors and styles in each bath bomb. The bath bombs make my skin feel silky after each use. I have used other bath bombs from other places in the past the stayed gritty and fragrances after a while lost the potency and or became awful smelling when the bath bombs got old. These bath bomb desolved all the way without making any grittiness. I cannot use the bath bombs in the tub I have to use them in a bucket because I cannot take baths I can only take showers due to baths causes urinary tract infections. After the bath bomb is desolved I will use a washcloth to wipe down my skin with the desolved bath bomb. Still enjoy the bath bomb but differently. I think using a bath bomb during a shower still makes for a relaxing experience. The destress bath bomb has helped me destress some because I have been stressed for 3 years due to being sick with severe Crohn's disease and the complications of this disease and chronic pain. These bath bombs have made me feel better even while healing from the complications of my severe Crohn's disease.

Missy B.

the smell was amazing


It was amazing Inwould definitely buy more again soon when I have a chance too.

Elizabeth G.

I loved it

Candace S.

granddaughter loves em

Paula B.

Bubbly Belle. I just received my package this morning I haven't had a chance to use it yet but they smell so beautiful and I'm about ready to draw my bath water and put one in and soak see I had back surgery a long while back and for about 2 weeks my back is hurt me something fierce to where I can hardly walk today so here in a little bit I'm going to go dry nice hot bath and put a bath bomb in and soak for a long time I love your product it's amazing and the Rings I adore. Sincerely your friend Paula I will send you a picture of myself but I don't have one I have to take a picture then I'll send it but against sincerely your friend Paula I'll be ordering again here real soon

Janell W.

Took away my stress for the day and made me smell clean and good for the night.

Catherine B.


laury e.

I bought the bath bombs as Christmas gifts, so I cannot comment on how well they will work out, but they sure smell nice. I will be getting myself one or two just to find out what they are like.

Laura D.

Great scent long lasting smooth skin

Linda S.

Loved it. Want more

Danielle W.

I loved this bath bomb. The colors, as it's fizzing away to nothing, the intoxicating smell and the way the bath water makes you feel when you get in and relax!! This the best feeling in the world, especially after a hard day's work.

Angel M.

Love the feel on my skin.left no residue

Wanda W.

I actually really really like it. I did distress and relax that evening. My plan is xmas presents for family members. Not sure if I let them keep the rings lol however the first ring really pretty. The one in the bomb...a little cheap looking. But thank you.

Charles T.

I love it a lot! But the real deal is what's in side can't wait till it gets down to were I can get the ring out


I love these bath bombs. They smell wonderful and are so relaxing. Thank you.

Heath H.

Got these for my daughter and she used one all ready .. other then I got the wrong ring size for her she loves it

Bobbie L.

After reading some reviews I was a little worried that the rings would not be of good quality. I am glad to say I am happy with both rings and have not had any concerns with them. They are both very beautiful in color and style. Loved my bath bomb and intend on ordering again soon.

Linda B.

Loved the bomb, it was wonderful! But the ring, even though nice, was a triplicate for me, and leaves me dismayed .

John H.

I give it to a lady friends she loved it and the ring to

Sara F.

Very relaxing.

Cindy D.


Tiwanda T.

Very relaxing and it really releaved my tension.. I can't wait for the next chance for that long____ bath..😄

Katie B.

I made me a tub of water for my bath put the bath bomb in and got in and relaxed me I wound recommend it to anybody love it

Keira S.

I mixed 3 together cause I couldn’t wait but all together they smelled great

Cynthia G.

This Bath Bomb smelled amazing, although I did order the wrong size ring!! The ring is beautiful and my Moms going to love it!!

Christine E.

I purchased these for Xmas stocking fillers. I don’t have a bath, but trust other peoples reports On how well they perform.

Wendee H.

Love the way my skin feels after for hours

Tricia J.

Each one I have used I just love! I feel relaxed and my skin feels so soft!

Scott S.

I love the smell of this bath bomb

Kennedy R.

Love the smell definitely will buy more!

Mary Ann D.

I actually got these for my daughter in law for mother's day gift. They arrived before that day which was absolutely great. She absolutely loved them and asked where I had got them. So from her reaction, I am going to order more for her. The rings fit also and she said they were really pretty. I haven't seen them yet. Thank you again for making my son's beautiful wife very happy. Mary Ann DePorter

Ashley D.

Rings were a little big but the bath bomb smelled amazing and made my skin so soft!

Tahava D.

The rings are beautiful and perfect fit

Holly C.

By far one of my favorite rings! Not to mention the relaxation I feel after a long day in healthcare to come home and throw one of these in the tub ❤️❤️❤️

Desarae H.

The bath bomb was amazing! I had the distressed. The value of ring is only $20, but I ordered more!


It was great

kristin j.

Its such a unique ring. Cant go wrong with the price. Im addicted to these bath bombs.

Linda R.

I am not sure other people were thrilled or not. But except for a child, I did not think the rings were very attractive. Not even the special for myself. I ordered myself s 5 and it turned out too small. I lost the emIl about sizes. You probably have shipped. If not. I want mostly 6 or 7. Maybe just one 8. I will order more near Christmas for stocking stuffers. Maybe some bells or angels. Some fish for boys or elephants Girls would like butterflies.or angels. Just some thoughts. I don’t know what you can do to improve the rings without some expense. But they do look very cheap. The stones are not so bad But the settings need to be more attractive. Add some swirl or leaves or other. They just need something. People will be happier..

Greg T.

Made me relax 😊.

Alicia O.

Enjoyed how soft my skin felt during and after the bath.

Marrianne W.

I love the fragrance and the way it made my skin feel when I completed my bath.

Elizabeth C.

FINALLY I received today... And it smells amazing.

nikki R.

Love all of the bath bombs

meriah f.

Love these ones they dont hmchange my finger colors sooo i dont know why the other 6 did im kind of discouraged still because them ones were sooooo pretty as well. But love this one

Christina A.

Loving them all so much

Gina O.

I have never experienced the bath bombs before but this was amazing. Thank you!!!!

barbara s.

I love youall and my bath bombs

Martyna T.

i felt so calm and after ten minutes i started to fall asleep. defi itly recomemd if you are really stressed and need a sense of calm

Shaelyn C.

Gave this to my 10 year old grand daughter. She loved it! She is so proud of her beautiful ring!

Michael M.

Hot water and bomb made for eachother Refreshing!

Roberta M.

Love the smell of it and the way it made me feel

Rhonda N.

Love the bath bombs!

Brenda S.

Really love the smell helps calm you and just relax


I bought these bath bombs for gifts. I got these bath bombs for friends & I am sure they will love them, they smelled wonderful.

Evangeline R.

It’s da BOMB

Belle R.

It was great

Lisa Ann G.

Destress bomb is just that: "DE"STRESSING

Julie T.

I love the wings and the bath bombs smells very good I love the way it made me feel

Tiffany G.

Not a fan of the ring but love the bath bomb

Barbara V.M A.


Karye S.

The scent was amazing! I love colorful waters with my bombs and this was definitely colorful!

Shirley S.

It was very relaxing

Kimberly B.

I was co relaxed and calm afterwards

Charen A.

Had a very long hard day at work, came home with a raging headache and my bath bombs had been delivered. The smell of the bath bomb was perfect and really did help me to relax.

Carla B.

It felt so great and it smelled soooo good!!!!

Jessie S.

Love the smell. Very relaxing

Savana R.

Absolutely loved these bath bombs my skin was so soft and super relaxing. I loved the jewelry I got I definitely don’t recommend wearing them over night or for long periods of time. Thy may turn your fingers different colors.

Teresa C.

Too small.

sheila m.

smells great!

Leslie H.

Love the fragrance!

Leanne D.

Absolutely beautiful!!

Debra O.

Haven’t used it yet but it smells good

Dianne C.

Smells great 👍

Sherry H.

Oh my goodness it is such a beautiful ring I love it! And the smell of the bath bomb was wonderful.

Susan D.

The ring was pretty, valued at $15. I don't usually take baths, but wanted to try the Destress ball, because I'd been having a rough week. I stayed in the tub until my water was cold, it felt so good

Bonnie L.

These are great bath bombs

Denise A.

Very relaxing and smells amazing!

Kimberly T.

The ring choices the bath bomb smells are amazing

Bobbie V.

Left a nice feeling on my skin

Kristine B.

I love the scents of the bath bombs & the rings are stunning! ❤️ Can’t wait to order my next ones.

Kevin M.

How fortunate was I ? Well red is my FAV color.The very first bomb i used was the DESTRESS bomb..was awesome watching that ball dance and BUBBLE.. THE aroma alone well worth the money!!! And what floated to the surface IN a red waterproof container? This GOREGOUS ruby red ring...PRETTY RIGHT! Thrilled to say the least..can not WAIT to see whats in the other two

Chase K.

It was a great and amazing experience.

Wilma S.

It was very good bath bomb to destess with after a hard day at work.

Heather K.

Great feeling on my skin

Brandi S.

Love these things....I'm addicted!!

Aida P.

I love wearing them all together they are awesome!

Angela D.

It was relaxing and I loved the smell of it! I would definitely recommend it.

Megyn S.

Very nice sunset color scheme

Patricia L.

Destress was a relaxing bath bomb. Ring inside is my favorite color - purple!

Sheri R.

It was a relaxing experience and I love the way it made my skin feel so smoothe...♥️

Leah S.

Omg so much fun ❤this

Kattrina P.


Irene R.

Loved it. The one I used this morning was to de stress myself felt good just to lean back and relax in bubbles.