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Shea-Lynn L.

It helped me to relax from a crazy day.

Charen A.

Had a very long hard day at work, came home with a raging headache and my bath bombs had been delivered. The smell of the bath bomb was perfect and really did help me to relax.

Ruth B.

I love all of the bath bombs. They take me to another place and helps me relax. The smell of each bomb is Amazing.

Vanessa R.

Can't do without them!

Tammy S.

Makes bubbles and bath water wonderful

Amanda C.

I love the gem in it itโ€™s beautiful different colors and fits amazingly well

Jessie M.

Love my bath bombs the rings make them even more amazing

alex o.

I loved it!

Julia K.

Absolutely love these rings, canโ€™t wait till I get a purple one!

Loretta M.

It felt so awesome to receive my new bubbly Belle bomb and they not only smell amazing but feel amazing also. I loved every ring that I have gotten from you also. Thank you Soo Soo much for all your hard work.๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’“

Jenelle J.

Love that they are more organic.

Kirsten P.

Itโ€™s so pretty and relaxing!!

Anita H.

Smelled great!!

mary t.

I love the Bubbly Belle bath bombs! They smell magnificent, lots of fizz and best of all the rings I have received are beautiful!

Lisa D S.

I love all of my bath bombs that Iโ€™ve purchased thatโ€™s what keep me coming to buy more, an excellent product thatโ€™s all organic too love, love๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ›€๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ›€๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ›€๐Ÿผ.

Rita C.

I bought this for my daughter. She likes them

alycia t.

Melts the stress away

Rhonda W.

I used it as soon as I got it I loved the smell and everything about it, I just wish I would eventually get a expensive ring I am almost 60

JoAnn M.

The smell and how it made my skin feel was was so relaxing i fell asleep in the bath

Lucy A.

I love them Wonderful

Ivonne A B.

I do no recibe my order

Chrissy B.


Tammy G.


Tanya S.

I loved all my bath bombs! They were so relaxing. They made me feel and smell so good. They made my body silky and smell good. I also love my rings, they are beautiful!

Tana D.

I purchase these quite often. Love them all.

Shannon B.

Love it.

Jessi S.

Destress is the most amazing bath bombs I've ever tried.

Stacy C.

Very helpful after a stressful night at work I loved it.

Sharon M.

The bubble is so nice and soothing and then a treat (the ring). A two fold experience.

Rebecca D.

I love the way I feel and smell after I have used my bath ball and the BEAUTIFUL RING is so special!

Cheryl S.

Haven't used it yet

Carmen G.

I relax so much with this one I just don't want fell asleep in the tub this one is fantastic also I would like to see this in a body wash.

Cynthia I.

I love my bath bombs. They help me relax so I can get a good night's sleep.

Stacey A.

Omg I love the bombs ,so relaxing smell fabulous and I am so soft as you can see I work like a man n hv man hands lolol but my rings look awsum ,thanks so much I'm addicted

Christy S.

Loved it will be ordering again :)

Aimee V.

Both these rings are from bubbly belle! Purple one was free a gift with purchase; and green was inside my Sleep bath bomb. These rings are gorgeous and good quality. They're not silver; but they don't turn fingers black or tarnish; so ๐Ÿ‘. The Sleep bath bomb was perfectly splendid as well! And I make my own jewelry and bath products lol so I have a high bar! I'm about to place my 3rd order. Oh- and shipping to BC, Canada was within 4 bus days! What!!

Alberta B.

Destress was the bomb I felt like dancing afterwords I never used bath bombs because I have sensitive skin .and why you don't put the ingredients on the label?

Chelsie S.

I Love it! I was so relaxed afterwards and I Love the rings I got! They don't turn my finger green! I will be a constant customer!!!

Lisa Ann G.

Destress bomb is just that: "DE"STRESSING

beatrice n.

I love my bath bombs and the beautiful rings, I will be using them to stuff some Christmas stockings this year.

Cynthia G.

The bath bomb/ring that I was purchased was a gift. I do not have a picture of it. My sister was very pleased with the ring.

Sylvia H.


Sarah H.

I love it! And I got a bonus ring. It made the whole house smell relaxing ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Kim S.

I loved my ring and the bomb was just what I needed. Thank you

Marlana M.

It smelled great n felt even greater on my skin I was absolutely sold on these bath bombs.. my skin was moisturized and was soft and smooth as could be.. thanks bubbly belle

Desarae H.

The bath bomb was amazing! I had the distressed. The value of ring is only $20, but I ordered more!

Tommie F.

love them

Stephanie M.

Beautiful ring. Bath bomb smelled amazing.

Leah P.

Tonight I used the Sleep bomb which was absolutely heaven! My skin feels soft and smooth and I feel very relaxed. The ring I found is a beautiful square cut clear stone with a twisted silver band. Love, love, love Bubbly Belle!

zoey s.

rings are beautiful and bath bomb smelled great

barbara s.

I love youall and my bath bombs

Brenda T.

I love the experience of using my โ€œBubbly Bombsโ€. The fragrance is awesome and when the beautiful ring comes out, it gives me such a joy like a child at Christmas! I love it!!

Lucie M.

Smells wonderful and leaves my skin so soft.

Lance M.

She loved it

shelby m.

It was so peaceful I donโ€™t really take time to do any self care Iโ€™m a caregiver and a single mother so by the end of my day Iโ€™m ready for bed. -thank you

Celeste H.

I love the bomb it dissolved with no problem and my skin felt so silky.

Katrina S.

I loved all of the bath bombs i got they actually helped me relax and distress. I cant wait to buy more. I got mine and used one every night till i used them all.

Daisy S.

Love it, can't wait til I get lots more

Jennifer R.

That is nice bubble

Terecia S.

Loved the bath bomb made my skin soft. I took my ring into work to show it off to all my friends. They were all impressed with the quality for the price.

Chastity M.

I love bath bombs they take Reality away for awhile so I can collect my thoughts and my mind . JUST AMAZING ! Thank you!

Crystal D.

I love the bath bomb. Makes your skin feel really soft.

Theresa A.

As always, I love all of my bath bombs. However, I never received this one. I'm assured that it is being replaced immediately.

Stephanie R.

Very relaxing

Amie P.

A beautiful ring and relaxing bath doesn't get any better

Vickie S.

Totally enjoyed it

rebecca k.

I took my bath bomb and put in the water to soak my feet. It feel good.

Cindy D.


Tamatha N.

I have never had a very expensive piece of jewelry but this piece not only looks expensive it is beautiful. I love wearing it.

Amy W.

Very Nice

Wyndee P.

I love the bath bombs and the rings are beautiful

Leora .

Smells great very relaxing

Crystal C.

Such a sweet smelling and beautifully colored treat for any bathing beauty to experience... so far, this is definitely one of my top 3 bathbombs yet :)

Patricia D.

I love my rings and bath bombs!

Crystal V.

This one was my favorite. I actually felt so at peace in the tub and the ring was beautiful

Cheryl C.

Love it

Gary G.

Excellence at its best try it you'll like it ladies

rebecca m.

Love it ๐Ÿ˜


Loved it

Wendy A.

Ring finger is my last purchase. It's beautiful & reminds me of Kay Jewelers infinity ring, I believe it's called. Either ways it's beautiful & I'm totally satisfied

Norma M.

I love my bad bombs. They relax me..

Kimberly D.

Smell awesome

deangelia j.

It was very relaxing

Mary A.

I Love my bath bombs love the smell and my skin don't feel dried out like it usually does

Andrea C.

Loved it, it helped me relax and unwind, my skin was so smooth afterwards.

Michelle B.

The rings a excellent quality and the bath bombs are the BEST Iโ€™ve ever purchased!!! Keep up the amazing job Team๐Ÿ˜

Pamela A.

I mixed two bath bombs in water n it was great it made my skin very smooth and shiney....

Cindy L.

It really takes the stress off I use my get in the tub and fall asleep from being so relaxed with my bath bombs

Darla O.

Going through stress ...this is so good to drop into your tub and relax. Going to order more.

Debora H.

Sorry I don't have a photo in action. I'll have to get some for next time. I love the smells. When I'm in the tub my skin feels silky and it's so relaxing. It's always fun to see what ring I'll get. I look forward to ordering again soon.


Love them, they do work. After a long days work it's nice to know I have them to use.

Lisa A.

I've ordered this bath bomb a couple times and I absolutely love it. It is definitely one of my favorites

Elizabeth G.

I loved it

Amanda B.

Havenโ€™t used it yet waiting for my mommy only day ๐Ÿ˜

Valarie N.

This one was very relaxing and the smell was awesome

Cynthia D.

I love it. My bath was very relaxing. I melted wat

Stephanie B.


Christina M.

I really love the bath bombs and the oils ..... but I also really want an oil with the zen ๐Ÿ˜Š

Ivy L.

No photo!

Barbara G.

This was my free ring that came with my bath bomb, when I looked up the code I found it to be worth $25.00. The ring inside the bath bomb is worth $15.00. I adore both rings and am impressed with their quality. Thank you Bubbly Bell!

Willie G.

Everyone love this ring