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Rebecca F.

Love these bath bombs. I get excited every time I use one as can’t wait to see what ring I’ve got this time!

Theresa C.

I love the bath boom the ring was just the right size I have gotten lots of compliments on it

Stacey J.

Smelled so good

Chasity F.

Great color great smell. Thank you for your amazing products!

Alesia C.

Best bath bombs I’ve ever used. The aroma is amazing and calming. Not to mention the surprise inside my rings are beautiful.

Hanan M.

I took a bath at 2 am. I am sure strange to many, but I was needing to give myself a relaxing break!

Deanna D.

These Bubléy bath balls smell wonderful and make your body feel so refreshed.! You will love ❤️ the feeling. Plus when you need a quick gift 🎁 you can wrap one up for a friend. Try them larger in size than most places. I love mine.

Letitia M.

love it.

Kathy H.

This destress bomb was really helpful to relax me !

April N.

It's a beautiful ring worth 20 dollars!! Tomorrow is my birthday wish I could have some more for my birthday shipped to me as a gift! :) the other two were also VERY PRETTY. Both worth 10 dollars and the free one was beautiful as well! I really like the one I'm wearing in the picture and it's a heart shaped which my boyfriend and I opened together and it was so romantic!

Cordon D.

The destress bath bomb was fantastic! It filled my entire tub with wonderful fragrance and silky smooth moisturizer that made my skin so soft! The smell continued all night it was terrific! Plus the ring enclosed was very pretty! I am very pleased with my purchase and have been telling everybody they should place an order with Bubbly Belle for themselves or their wives. This would be a great gift!

Becky M.

LOL too late already used it I'll have to send you a picture of one of the other ones. Thank you so much LOL I think bubbly belle is great.

Alexandra S.

Loved it

Kerrin S.

I always love my baths but now they are even more enjoyable. I love my ring 😁 unfortunately I am a GOLD GIRL but will share with My Friends 💖

Ilona G.

I’ve already used 4 of bubbly belles bath bombs and I absolutely love them, not only is the quality great and each bath bomb is unique but I also love the surprise that awaits you after it’s fizzes out. Each ring is very beautiful and I plan on using the bath bombs as gifts!

Haley S.

Loved this one. I absolutely cannot decide which is my favorite.

Marylou D.

I love the 2 rings and I loved my bath ball it was so good feeling on my skin soft smooth feeling and the smell lasted I plan on getting more. Am just waiting for my check to come on the 3rd. And I plan on getting more thank you for a great products

Kathy J.

Love the smell of this bath bomb.

Trinity T.

I love bubbly belle bath bombs, they are so relaxing and smell amazing, i get them often. The rings inside are so fun, i check the balance on what they are worth, most the time i give them to my girls, they love them. These bath bombs, help with stress sleep which ever you may need, and also make your water look so pretty lol. Love them

Rebecca H.

That's just 2 of my georgous rings. I love all them

Angelina S.

Dyes the water beautifully. Smells amazing and fizzes perfectly. Will buy again and recommend to friends.

Kalie K.

I'm SO excited to drop it in the tub tonight! It's so much bigger than expected and smells AMAZING! I love it! Thanks Bubbly Belle.

Sarah C.

I love everything you have. Thank you so much for wonderful "Me" times. Hugz and Kisses

Kara Nicole H.

It smelt great and the rings were a perfect size and both incredibly beautiful

Delores. L B.

My daughter really love getting the bath ball she loves the way it makes her feel

Alisha A.

I love my bath bombs and have enjoyed my subscription each moth so far as well. I love the suprise rings inside. Looking farward to getting my next one soon!!

Victoria F.

This one really works well, I felt so much better and calm after I used the Destress..


What a wonderful scent and great ring

Lisa W.

The bath bombs are great!!! They do what they say...relax...destress... And it's fun to find a floating surprise in the bath with you. The products are wonderful and worth every penny!!! So ladies pamper yourself after a long's worth it. I love it💖

Mary Marlene H.


Gina S.

This bomb is so pleasant & fragrant I really enjoyed the bath!

Michelle L.

This right here really distresses and helps with achy joints

Darlene H.

Omg what an awesome scent I was really surprised at the size in the bomb And the ring was incredible! I will definitely be ordering again soon

Linda B.

I always enjoy them.

Jessica W.

I loved the bathbomb! It smelled soo good!! It made my skin soft and the rings were beautiful!!

Lindsey P.

The bath bombs I ordered came very soon after I ordered them, and the rings are gorgeous!

Viola B.

Beautiful them

Susan P.

The Bomb left Bosche and feeling soft like the lotion does it do I enjoyed it very much is very relaxing

Miranda P.

They are very reasonable for prices and always has sales. The smell last for a while in the bathtub, and I love the rings.

Alameda D.

So silky smoothe Love it

Dareese C.

I love the bath bombs they are so relaxing and the rings are beautiful. Gave one to my Daughter's now my 21 year old is hooked and my 9 year old was so excited to get her own and she loved her ring.

Toni C.

The ideal relationship between my body and the soothing and fragrant smell of my Bubbly Belle, was a beautiful coupling. Thank you💖

Hannah D.

Love the product price is totally worth it 💕💍#bubblybelleforlife

Margaret B.

Really helps me relax and makes my skin feel smooth and silky.

sara l.

Love it. 10/10

Linda W.

I decided to share some of rings with my girlfriend and she LOVES them. They are pretty special and the bathbonds are wonderful. Thank you Karen for what you do. They make your day

Tenesha B.

Very relaxing bath and beautiful ring.

Autumn F.

I used the destress and I felt so relaxed your bath bombs are the best

Jennifer S.

I loved the smell of the bomb, and it made me feel great. Beautiful ring, as you can see.

Diavione S.

So beautiful

Amy N.

Smells amazing and really made my skin soft.

Monalisa P.

Relaxing and smells amazing! My skin is so soft!! Beautiful ring!

Amy B.

I love all of them!!

Suzie Z.

Love it thank you

Jamie P.

My ring is beautiful an the belle bomb made my skin so. Soft... will be ordering again! Very happy!!

Katie B.

It smelled amazing AND the ring was really pretty and turned my water a pretty shade of light scarlet

Quiahnya C.

Well the smell was soothing & it made the next for me was calm day of stressors.

Eliza S.

Smelled great

Kimberly .

I love these!!! They smell wonderful and my rings have been awesome!!

Jannette L.

I just can't say enough of my love for Bubbly Bell bath bombs.

Josie V.

Love smell n feel of my skin after bath with it.

Viola J.

This one really destress my mind body spirit. Love it

Justina M.

I loved the bath bomb. Wasn't really after the ring but it was a bonus. I felt really relaxed and destressed after using the destressing bath bomb this morning.

Sarah G.

i like destress bath bomb!

Tiffany H.

Absolutely my fav have purchased more than once highly recommend

Bethany D.

It smells so good and makes your skin smooth and soft.

Theresa S.

All three are very simple yet pretty! I can't wait to get more, more stones different colors so I can find one to match every outfit!

Lisa S.

My grandbabies love them I can't wear silver wish they come in gold

Nickole H.

Smell wonderful!!

Regina B.

Thank you for the wonderful experience I had with your bath bombs I loved all the rings especially the emerald stone it’s been great 😃 Regina Berry

Amanda W.

I work 40+ hours in a kitchen every week and to come home and lay in the bath with this bomb gets me relaxed and comfy for a great nights sleep

Gina Y.

Love the scent and the relaxation it embodies while just soaking in my tub!

Peggy W.

I love the bath bombs not only for the rings. Mostly the bombs are great to give me time in the tub for myself.

Rhonda M.

I’m absolutely thrilled with my purple ring and the Destress bath bomb was divine!

Vanessa m.

So lovely so relaxing

Shirley B.

Love the smell

Destiny H.

Beautiful ring

Susan B.

The smell of it surrounded me giving me a calm feeling.

Bonnie S.

Love the way my skin feels

Vanessa S.


ashlyn b.

Absolutely amazing. I don’t think i will ever be able to buy a bath bomb from somewhere else!!!😍🛁

Dusty W.

I don't actually take baths, my skin is too sensitive. That said I had a lot of fun watching the foamy bubbles over flow the container I placed my ball in. Ur was pretty awesome as it over flowed all on the table and smelled great.

Amber H.

Love it

Penny H.

Absolutely love the way it leaves my skin soft

Misty S.

these bath bombs smell great and prices are wonderful

Angela P.

My daughter loved it

William R.

She loved bath bomb not one out of 4 rings over the minimum $15 value

Timeka H.

I love it!! My skin felt like silk!! The smell was very refreshing!!! Very relaxing!!! I will be ordering more!!

Cherese W.

I love the way the bath bombs make your skin feel soft and smooth

Mary H.

Nice color and relaxing

Anita C.

Loved it the smell and conditioning was great for my skin.

Martha C.

I love it

Amber Z.

I’m in love with this one!! This is my favorite one to use after a long day at work. I love this one so much that for my best friends birthday I got her this one. And now because of that she’s buying some too!!!

Amy H.

I love the surprises I get, thanks for sharing your bath bombs. I have a question, my last email I received said I won a free ring with my next shipment. My shipment has already gone. What do I need to do?

Stacy C.

Very helpful after a stressful night at work I loved it.

Rachel P.

This smell is the best thing i have ever smelt. Its perfect and I cant wait to use them all.

Stephanie M.

My favorite scent.

Amanda B.

Loved the scent and watching it bubble, foam, and color my bath. My skin is always so soft after and I’m a little more relaxed for sure.

Laura R.

I absolutely loved it ,as a busy mum of two it was the perfect thing to help me unwind after a long stressful day .It smells through the wrapper and fizzed really well and makes the water a beautiful colour 🌸 ,I sat in with it for over an hour ,it was bliss It's a great size too unlike some of the smaller bath bombs you see ,will definitely buy it again and again X

Olivia S.

Loved the rings that came with it

Loretta H.

They smell good and relaxing