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Sheila D.

A must have! The bath bombes smell so good n are so relaxing! Makes my skin soft n silky n relaxes my muscles after my 12 hour shifts! The rings are so beautiful! Even my 14 year old granddaughter loves them n she is picky about everything!

Suzanna A.

It was so awesome and relaxing and love my ring❣❣❣❣

Frances P.

I rarely take baths, but these bath bombs add a different dimension! The fragrances and colors are lovely and they make my skin silky smooth. Then there's the added bonus of the rings. I was impressed by their quality and variety and have enjoyed wearing them!

Tequita P.

I love the product and the rings are pretty.i am a satisfied cutomer.

Amanda B.

I have really enjoyed the bathbombs but i cant wear the rings because there not sterling silver and im allergic to whatever metal you guys use i have yet to get a better valued ring but i do enjoy the bathbombs just wish i could get one that i could wear. Other then that they smell reall good.

Dorinda P.

I love the smell of it

Susan P.

The Bomb left Bosche and feeling soft like the lotion does it do I enjoyed it very much is very relaxing

LeeAnne G.

Great way to destress!

Laurie K.

Love the rings and it's so amazing how the bath bombs work

Sheri R.

It was a relaxing experience and I love the way it made my skin feel so smoothe...♥️

Kimberly S.

I have loved all the bathbombs that I have gotten from bubbly belle. I was a little disappointed that the order that I last purchased was suppose to have an extra ring and it wasn’t in the box. I sent an e-Mail about it and don’t have a response yet.

Angi D.

Makes my skin so soft and I love the smell.

Amanda W.

Very relaxing and smells amazing.

Peyton S.

It helps me to relax and feel so soft and wonderful I sleep better


Loved it

Cathryn L.

Was fun to have it fizz in the tub and to find the capsule with the ring and code and the ring is beautiful!!! A bit cheap but I still like to get them ....

Susan T.

Really takes my stress away.

Stacey s.

So adorable the colours

Bernadine M.

Love the product and enjoy getting the suprises .

Cynthia G.

The bath bomb/ring that I was purchased was a gift. I do not have a picture of it. My sister was very pleased with the ring.

Judy C.

WONDERFUL,,I loved it so much i ordered it twice

Linda D.

These make great foot soaks too! My tootsies have never been softer!

Sarah P.

Amazing bath bombs...relaxing!!!

Mary G.

I love it I have order 3 or four times it really relaxing and work

Janell W.

Took away my stress for the day and made me smell clean and good for the night.

Sandra G.

I'm getting married in 3 mos and I don't have a ring please help me

Tanya S.

I loved all my bath bombs! They were so relaxing. They made me feel and smell so good. They made my body silky and smell good. I also love my rings, they are beautiful!

Vickie H.

So relaxing

Theresa W.

I love the fragrance and the ring is beutiful

Ashley W.

Beautiful ring, love the experience of anticipating what ring I’m going to get!!

Karen B.

I love the rings. They are prettier and prettier each time I order from BB. You have the corner on the aromatherapy market, or you should! Thanks.

Tammie R.


Rebecca M.

Maree B.

My shipment arrived today and I am very pleased with the rings I received and can’t wait to soak in my bath while the bathbombs slowly dissolving around me especially after a long day in my job as a nursing care assistant in aged care. Thank you .

Donna P.

Love the bombs! The rings are adorable

Davis M. B.

It was the best, especially after being out in the snow for several hours. The aroma is very relaxing.

Brenda E.

I bought this for a Christmas gift

Tanya h.

The bath bomb was a dud it broke when it hit the water but the ring is beautiful I love the color purple

Gail W.

I was so happy with the super fast shipping! The bath bombs are so fizzy & I love anticipating seeing my ring!!

Kirsten P.

It’s so pretty and relaxing!!

Rhonda R.

The bath bomb helped me feel so relaxed after having a really horrible and stressful day at work and when I got home to see it waiting for me at my door and then using it was just awesome!!!!

Kendal C.

Packaging was great!

Teresa P.

Was an awesome experience

Linda F.

It totally relaxes you with it's soft & luxurious feel.

Regina B.

So fun! And the rings are lovely. The bath bombs are very moisturizing. I'm addicted

Teresa W.

I really enjoy the bath bombs, makes my skin so soft. The rings are very pretty, perfect fit every time..

Shannon H.

I love it!! I hade the most relaxing bath with a beautiful ring to pop up!!!

Tracie F.

It wad the best one i have tried so far! Love the moisturizing feeling and enjoyed the color it changed the water. The ring inside was beautiful.

Saleena C.

Amazing! Helps you relax after a LONG day driving or from work!! Always waiting for the next shipment to arrive.

Carolyn L.

I needed, so I used, the Destress bath bomb and I destressed so much, I nodded off in the tub! I haven't done that in a really long time, and felt totally refreshed when I finally got out of my bath.

Marie M.

I have 2 and I love them.

Jennifer M.


Krista B.

It was nice to soak in the tub with the de stress bath bomb. The rings are nice but when I tried to do the codes to see how much the ring was worth it wouldn't let me know

Crystal H.

Love that it relaxed me and the smell was amazing.

Stacy L.


Kirinia E.

So exciting Love my presents So addictive

Walter S.

My daughter absolutely love them all... Rings are very attractive also...she is very happy

Marjorie C.

It is very good bath bombs

Tamatha N.

I have never had a very expensive piece of jewelry but this piece not only looks expensive it is beautiful. I love wearing it.

Corrine07791757410 T.

Used my first bath bomb tonight and got this beauty

Marion G.


Loretta H.

They smell good and relaxing

Teresa C.

Too small.

Erica S.

Very relaxing !

Judy H.

I love these bath bombs. These are my special times, when I have time to relax, to soak in the tub and unwind. I love the way they make my skin feel. Just that alone makes the price very good. The fun part is the little bubble that pops up with the ring inside. Just an added treat. You will love these and you will LOVE the price!!!

Marilyn G.

I loved it it was just beautiful made me feel so soft and elegant And the fragrance felt like I was in a deep warm succulent massage parlor

Mary R.

Great product

Tiffany F.

I loved all my purchases they were fine I definitely would buy more will buy more in the future

Renee m.

Beautiful ring awsome bath bomb

Rachel H.

I love your stuff

Gentry G.

It truly was distressing!! And I love a little sparkle!!!;) Best bath bomb I’ve ever used!!!

Angela P.

My daughter loved it

Patty R.

I love the smell of these bombs! And always excited to see the ring! They are beautiful!

Suzanne B.

It was relaxing for me after a work day.

Regina B.

Thank you for the wonderful experience I had with your bath bombs I loved all the rings especially the emerald stone it’s been great 😃 Regina Berry

Darlene S.


Melissa M.

just love it just wish that the rings didn't turn color so fast turn my whole finger green but love the bath bomb

Regina K.

Everything is great.

Charles B.

This one is really good it took all stress away

Kaylyn M.

After working a 10 hour shift it was just what I needed to ! I felt like a billionaire have my bath !!

Jessica S.

Me and my son love it it awesome ..

Melissa K.

Relaxing just loved it can't wait to try my other ones I got

Allyson C.

Love it. Smell good.

Kimberly D.

Smell awesome

Crystal B.

I loved these bath bombs they smell great and make your skin fill so good.

Kayla S.

Smelled awesome! Love the color when it dissolved!!

Courtney p.

Loved the smell of it and makes your skin feel amazing and the ring inside is absolutely amazing

Amanda C.

The bath bomb was amazing and the rings was absolutely beautiful

Sharon M.

The bubble is so nice and soothing and then a treat (the ring). A two fold experience.

Jessica L.

Really lovesd it! Ordered another! 😆

Aleta W.

This is a great product,love it.

Trenita S.

You can actually feel the stress just leaving your body, really enjoyed it.

Connie P.

Try them all

Peggy S.

The bath bomb was amazing 😍😍 I love the rings💯❣️

Anita H.

I love the way my bath bomb made my skin feel so soft and silky. I have only used one because I had surgery the day after reserving my purchase. I can hardly wait the two week that my surgan requested me to wait before emerging in water.

Gloria C.

Smells good


I love these bath bombs. They smell wonderful and are so relaxing. Thank you.

Kelly S.

Bath bomb was lovely the ring was amazing to

April S.

I especially love this one this one was the one that relaxed my whole entire body that experience was awesome

Angela S.

Sent other videos threw Instagram. Feel free to share.

Anita H.

Smelled great!!