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Kyle D.

Loved the wonderful smell. They leave my body nice and soft as well. And love each ring ive recieved

jane g.

I'm addicted to this product. My granddaughter first introduced me to your bath bombs. I have only good things to say about them

Claudette M.

I love. the way the water changes colors when its in the water and i wait for my unexpected gift wondering i don't open it until I'm finish relaxing in my tub with water massaging my back and legs and feet i lay back watching wondering what am i about to venture and guess what im not telling

Jessica C.

Most relaxing bath ive ever had. Absolutely loved it thank you!

kim m.

very nice aroma and very relaxing


love the colors and smell

Kimberly W.

I didn’t care for starry night it was black in color it stained my bath tub and my body but love all the others so far

Rebecca M.

Kaci W.

I love this amazing product. It smells amazing it has beautiful color to it and has a Gorgeous ring inside! Love it

Danielle B.

Love this one it made me feel stress free.

Janet T.

Was ok. The smell was good.

Tammy R.

The destress bath bomb is so relaxing. I love the smell and when I step into my nice, hot, bubbly bath, water filled tub, I am in there for at least 2 hours!!

Katy H.

Sat in the bath for a few hrs with this one. It was great.

Lucinda H.

Super relaxing! Everything I was hoping for, not to mention the lovely ring inside!

Daphane S.

I enjoyed the fragrance of the destress bath bomb. I have cut the bath bomb in half and use only a fourth at a time and use the other half for a while as air freshener in front of a vent in my bedroom. I love the scent of all the bath bombs I bought. I think the rings are beautiful. I love the surprise of the ring colors and styles in each bath bomb. The bath bombs make my skin feel silky after each use. I have used other bath bombs from other places in the past the stayed gritty and fragrances after a while lost the potency and or became awful smelling when the bath bombs got old. These bath bomb desolved all the way without making any grittiness. I cannot use the bath bombs in the tub I have to use them in a bucket because I cannot take baths I can only take showers due to baths causes urinary tract infections. After the bath bomb is desolved I will use a washcloth to wipe down my skin with the desolved bath bomb. Still enjoy the bath bomb but differently. I think using a bath bomb during a shower still makes for a relaxing experience. The destress bath bomb has helped me destress some because I have been stressed for 3 years due to being sick with severe Crohn's disease and the complications of this disease and chronic pain. These bath bombs have made me feel better even while healing from the complications of my severe Crohn's disease.

Vanessa R.

I love my bath bombs!! I really needed to Destress, that's for sure! Thanks Bubblies!💞

Vernna M.

These are for Christmas presents and will be loved

Lamanda W.

My skin felt smooth and they smelled so good

Catharine B.

Love it

Becky M.

LOL too late already used it I'll have to send you a picture of one of the other ones. Thank you so much LOL I think bubbly belle is great.

Amber S.

I love these I cant wait to get my next order

Alecia D.

Smells wonderful and relieves my anxiety along with my quiet bath time rituals. Bubbly belle never lets me down!

Michelle f.

It was so relaxing and awesome. I felt great after I used it. I gave one to my mom and she loves it also.

Janet S.

love it all thanks again Janet Searle 7/24/20 Utah

jessica n.

Loved the smell!.

Marcia B.

evening soak

Danny C.

Wife said it was great

Alanna S.

I usually have allergic reactions to bath bombs, but I haven’t had one with your products! I love them, and my boyfriend even proposed to me with one of your rings ❤️ As a temporary engagement ring 💍

Michelle W.

Very nice smell in my bath last night. Ring pretty

Allison G.

Just used this one today with my son the round bombs last longer than any of the other ones always more than just a ring surprise inside but what color will the water be what's the scent going to be? Also they all soften the water so much that one can tell she instant difference once dropping it in the water

Marjorie C.

It is very good bath bombs

Martha C.

But at this time as of July 17 I wold like to cancel the orders due to money issue and getting laid off will hopefully come back when I get a job. I’ve tried to call to stop my orders. I will be putting a stop payment on the orders so plz stop. Again I love the bombs and the rings. I gave away the bath booms at my daughters baby shower as prizes and the ladies loved them. Plz let me know you got this for like I stated I will stop payments on future orders till I get another job. I take care of my elderly mother everyday in our home. I dream of getting one of the nice like engagement rings since I lost my diamond chip out of my first one. Something like that would just melt my heart. Thank you for the fun I’ve had again hope to start back soon. Keep up the good work and putting smiles on a lot of ladies faces.

Donna W.


Jessie l.

Loved it even put my 18 month old in it he loved the bath bomb in action very relaxing in the bath as well thanks jess

Ilana K.

I soaked my feet in it and my feet are soft and I feel good

Sarah P.

Amazing bath bombs...relaxing!!!

Melissa P.

Smells great and I loved the ring that was inside thank you..

Mckala D.

I let all the stress wash off my body in the tub. Feel like a brand new woman

Bonnie L.

These are great bath bombs

Julia L.

Love it


So much fun and the bath bombs are the best.

Michelle B.

I get these as gifts everyone loves them

Mary W.


Emily S.

I can always smell the bath bomb through the box, they smell SO good. The rings are cute and quality for what I assume is a silver coating or something. The rings I get are worth $15-20, and I love the ones I got! The sizing was accurate for me (size 8). I was abused for 14 out of 18 years of my life, and I finally truly relaxed with the de-stress bombs. I also bought one of the oils for that cute little heart rock necklace. I love these products. Not a payed review. Even as a pretty much broke university student and I only buy when there's deals, these are worth every cent

Josephine B.

I love these bath bombs they really what they say, distress helps you to relax, tranquility helps you to center etc. I just keep on buying!!

Cherith H.

When I am not having a good the destress one helps me calm down my nerves let the worries go away

Hana L.

Made my skin soft and the bath so relaxing

Amy N.

they very nice the confonrt the really do wonk

Catherine D.

Finally arrived today - delay due to international shipping and COVID which is out of Bubbly Belle's control. So happy to see the postie this morning and to try on!!!

Amy S.

Love the bath bombs and rings.

Leora .

Smells great very relaxing

Rachel B.

I loved the smell and loved the ring that came with it!!

Crystal C.

Such a sweet smelling and beautifully colored treat for any bathing beauty to experience... so far, this is definitely one of my top 3 bathbombs yet :)

Samantha S.

I love it and like the rings

lynette w.

Amazing colour and smell

Brea S.

The smell is amazing and I was really surprised it fizzed and bubbled just like in the videos can’t wait to get my next one :)

Angela N.

I love my bath bombs! I love my rings as well.. Wish I understood the orders more! Sometimes I receive my free rings and sometimes I don't... I don't is a lil confusing....other than that I have been happy!

Kay R.

Will buy again

Nancy V.

Love the bath bomb. The way it makes my skin feel. Love the rings. Also purchased for my daughter & granddaughters. They loved them. Thank You, Nancy

Heather D.

Bath bomb smells great and the ring is beautiful.

Patty A.

Love everyone of them. Given many friends the rings that don't fit. They love them all.

Greta U.

Great bomb

Monica B.

I like the rings and the bath bombs very relaxing

Alexis M.

It smelled amazing and didn’t stain my bathtub

Carolyn L.

I needed, so I used, the Destress bath bomb and I destressed so much, I nodded off in the tub! I haven't done that in a really long time, and felt totally refreshed when I finally got out of my bath.

Mary I.

Love the bath bombs

Alison W.

Bath Bombs are amazing! Not too gritty or oily! Perfect combination. Love the rings!!!

Tiffany H.

Absolutely my fav have purchased more than once highly recommend

Michelle R.

I'm impressed, I must say. I have ordered bath bombs from another company that have arrived broken. These were perfect. They are a gift, so I don't know how the surprise inside looks, but i don't care. I'm just happy they smell good and look great. Thank you!

Carl H.


Gina S.

Totally Loved The “ Distress” one I ordered ( really gave me a feeling of calm after soaking in the tub)and also the ring inside very pretty and charming ; I was inclined to make two more orders in one day; I also know these will make very nice gifts Thankyou Bubblybelle for your Service!!Sincerely ; Gina in CA!!

Misty S.

these bath bombs smell great and prices are wonderful

Autum N.

Love this bath boom!! It smells great and it works. Never thought I would use stuff like this but love every order

Pennie C.

This helped me relax after a very long day

Elise M.

Loved this bath bomb and loved the ring even more I'm always satisfied with bubbly belle.

Kayleigh S.

Smells amazing and didn't irritate my skin!!!

Christina A.

Loving them all so much

Ira Z.

The bath bomb was amazing and relaxing and the ring was absolutely beautiful.

William R.

She loved bath bomb not one out of 4 rings over the minimum $15 value

Darlene H.

Omg what an awesome scent I was really surprised at the size in the bomb And the ring was incredible! I will definitely be ordering again soon

Heidi B.

The bathbomb was very well packaged. My daughter loved watching it dissolve and finding the ring! Shipping was quick!

Gina O.

I have never experienced the bath bombs before but this was amazing. Thank you!!!!

Johnette o.

I loved them not only are you getting a Beautiful ring you are having a spa day at home

Christina T.

When I received my order I was very happy with rings I received. I then used the bubble bells on a bath and loved it, I think you have a great product.

Kellee C.

Loving the bath bombs. And rings, thank you so much.

rachel c.

gave as a gift she loved it

Kayla R.

I love the destress bath bomb! The smell is so relaxing!

Margaret B.

Really helps me relax and makes my skin feel smooth and silky.

Melissa M.

just love it just wish that the rings didn't turn color so fast turn my whole finger green but love the bath bomb

Lori P.

Made my skin feel awesome

Thomas B.

The wife loves them

Angelina E.

I love the way the make my skin feel ❤️💜

Gaila S.

I am waiting to use it. But it smells very good.

Lance M.

She loved it

Melindaa W.

Only thing I wish I had done was order a larger size ring

Holly S.

Really helps w stress.......

alyssa R.

I love this one. I literally just as it settles and I am relaxing I can feel... I have some things wrong with my back but honestly my entire body just about hurts all the time. Especially since I fell down the stairs in November. And I always feel strain and tension from stress. I grit my teeth almost all the time and grind in my sleep sometimes on some days and of course situations. I love this because it is one of the ones that melts me down and relieves some pains and of course I feel a lot more relaxed and lighter. It's pretty good. I am not keen on the colors. To me destress would be cooler colors but the scent is pretty good.

Robin C.

These are the rings I have gotten from Bubbly... I love the bath bombs. Order every time I have extra money. Won't use any other ones.. Love them, keep making more scents.

Jennifer N.

I love how good it smells and how soft my skin is after!!!!

Mary v.


Anya S.