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Bonnie C.

I’m was very disappointed with the rings I received in all of my bath bombs. They looked cheap. I doubt that I will ever order from your company again.

Barbara W.

I am so happy I found the bath bombs. The rings are such a delight. I gave my favorite great niece 2 of the rings and she was very, very happy. I plan to give the bombs as Christmas gifts. The cost is such that I can afford to give everyone a bath bomb and I am sure everyone will love them as much as I do.

Olga M.

I just love the rings and the bubble bath thank you it is always a surprise

Barbara A.

I plan on getting more later. I really love them.

Shaina C.

My skin was so soft after. And it smelled amazing. I have sensitive skin and it didn’t irritate it at all.

Alanna S.

I usually have allergic reactions to bath bombs, but I haven’t had one with your products! I love them, and my boyfriend even proposed to me with one of your rings ❤️ As a temporary engagement ring 💍

Juana C.

They are chirstmas gifts.

Cheyanne P.

I loved this bath bomb. It’s doesn’t have an overwhelming smell and didn’t leave me itchy when I got out of the bath.

Shawna H.

the smells was great dispersed perfectly and really did feel relaxed

Candy C.

Awesome far the only ones I can use.....I have very sensitive skin and Bubbly Belle is the only bath bombs I can use...and the rings are just the bonus!!!

Darlene S.

Love the beautiful rings and the bath bombs are so wonderful.. I will be purchasing more in the future💞

Missy B.

the smell was amazing

Cassey T.

Loved the bath bomb I got I ordered another one. Definitely didn't dryvmy skin out most do which is awesome. Would definitely tell about the bath bombs from this site they are amazing!!!!

Kathy F.

This is one of my favorites

Fiona G.

Like it A lot

Amy G.

The bomb was amazing will be experamenting with many more like every one that is offered 😆

Chastidy J.

Absolutely loved it! Very relaxing!

Frances P.

I rarely take baths, but these bath bombs add a different dimension! The fragrances and colors are lovely and they make my skin silky smooth. Then there's the added bonus of the rings. I was impressed by their quality and variety and have enjoyed wearing them!

Roxann M P.

The destress bath bomb are the best. Long day at work just don't want to deal with family. Get in to your bath it relax. You come out of the bath, feel good again. I have smile on my face!

Gail W.

I was so happy with the super fast shipping! The bath bombs are so fizzy & I love anticipating seeing my ring!!

diane s.

The aroma was wonderful.

Michelle W.

I loved the bath bomb an the rings i got were beautiful

beverly c.

I gave it to my sister for Xmas and ( she loves Santa's of any sort), she thanked me then said " I will never use it !!! 🙄... I said "umm ok, so lets shake it, its not that thick and we should be able to tell the general vacincinty of the capsule, and then we can just scrape it from the back till we get to the ring", OMG 😂 the look I got was one I will never forget. No no no , it will break.. So, it's definately a big hit 😁 we just won't know how big 😃😃😃🤣 Thank you. Now it needs replaced lmao.

Jodi J.


michelle n.

Perfect end to a long day! I can't wait to use the rejuvenate one on Sunday to prepare for the upcoming week.

sue h.

Love to smell

Martyna T.

i felt so calm and after ten minutes i started to fall asleep. defi itly recomemd if you are really stressed and need a sense of calm

Kimberly W.

Ring s r beautiful and mAke great gifts

Vernna M.

These are for Christmas presents and will be loved

McKenzie B.

I love it! I had the desires bomb and not only did it relax me, my skin felt so soft after! Definitely recommend.

Jamie W.

Absolutely love the ring and so do my kids!!

Kimberly .

I love these!!! They smell wonderful and my rings have been awesome!!

Racheal B.

I absolutely loved my bath bomb and ring!! The ring came out to be pink my favorite color so that had me super excited and it fits perfectly! The bath bomb was amazing i was so relaxed after using it and was actually able to get a goodnights sleep! Thats very rare for me these days! I will so be buying more from here!!!!

Mindy E.

I really felt like I was at an upper class day spa for a full treatment. Every muscle and joint in my body seemed to just melt. Thanks Bubbly Belle

Elizabeth P.

Completely relaxed after that refreshing bath

Sarah M.

Definately planning on buying more as i loved it.

Patricia T.

I love the rings they’re so pretty. I like to give them away to family and friends. But the bath bombs themselves are simply amazing. They smell wonderful you can feel the moisture on your skin immediately. And the way the ring pops up in the water is so cute I can hardly wait for that to happen. I’ll share with you a picture of my rings next time I’ll take a picture of the bath bomb in the water it was beautiful it was an awesome thing I stayed in the tub for 2 1/2 hours it was so relaxing for my body. Thanks Bubbly Belle!!!!! Patricia

mary S.


Crystal D.

I love the bath bomb. Makes your skin feel really soft.

Stacey J.

Smelled so good

Amy N.

they very nice the confonrt the really do wonk

Joyce R.

It worked well.

Diane L.

love it wii buy again

Mariah T.

I absolutely loved the bath bomb!! They’re huge and great priced! Plus you get a free ring!! I love the rings I actually just had something happen to my wedding rings and bubbly belles are so pretty I can use one of the one so for as mine until mike get fixed!

Vicki E.

The bath bomb was great, great smell


smells heavenly and hooked on these. They make perfect gifts as well. Jill Jordan

Rebecca H.

I love how it leaves your skin soft and refreshing

Greg T.

Made me relax 😊.

Judith H.


Ellen H.

I love the bath I normally takes showers but it leaves your skin so soft I ordered four more that's how much I love it

Teresa K.

It really works! The scent and the aroma was great!

Shammi F.

I love the rings and the bath bombs

Bobbie L.

After reading some reviews I was a little worried that the rings would not be of good quality. I am glad to say I am happy with both rings and have not had any concerns with them. They are both very beautiful in color and style. Loved my bath bomb and intend on ordering again soon.

Christina S.

The smell is amazing. Made me skin feel so soft.

Lindsey H.

Love the smell of it

Rebecca M.

Brooke L.

Love the fragrance of this bath bomb!!

Chanelle M.

Smelled amazing! Made my skin so soft! Felt so relaxed after my bath bomb!

Nancie G.

I'd like to tell about the ENTIRE order. Lovely! Ty! My favorite gifts to give out at Christmas!

Jacoba D.

I love the bath bombs they are amazing. I will be getting more very soon.

Angela H.

Like the aroma and was relaxing

Janet H.

Rejuvenate with this one

Teresa A.

I love the smell but I rderd a sides to small

Judy H.

loved all 3 different bath bombs, and defedantly, loved the surprise in side. will buy more in the future. thank you so much. j. harris


Helps destress me and very silky soft.

Maria G.

The bath bomb was great, smelled amazing. I gave it to my daughter's to share in the tub. They enjoyed it with bathing suits on. They compared it to sherbet, a icecream float, the planet Jupiter and a cake pop. The texture was fun and the fizzing was extremely satisfying. I also shared the rings. I kept the yellow one for myself. I love the color, sparkle and detail. Reminds me of a burst of sun with hints of strawberry lemonade. Beautiful. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. Thank you. It was very distressing. I highly recommend this product and experience for others.

Leah S.

The destress bathbomb smelt amazing ❤❤❤it xx

Angel M.

Love the feel on my skin.left no residue

Amy W.

Bath bomb had amazing scent, and moisturizer! Loved it!

Rayla T.

Love the bombs, I also love the rings, i have quite the colletion...i have been sharing the bath bombs with my sister's and mom..they also love them.

Melinda R.

This is my favorite love the smell its so refreshing has my skin looking & smelling good.

Mary A.

I Love my bath bombs love the smell and my skin don't feel dried out like it usually does

Paula H.

Perhaps so far I have to and I love them both. I wear them on my right hand instead of a diamond ring.

velma y.

Omg I truly love all my bathbomb will be ordering more soon they make your body feel amazing.

Helen mary J.

Bath bubble but felt bad because wrong s size. Suppose be 7.thats okay

Lisa S.

It was a gift & she loved it!!

Jennifer L.

After laying back in the tub with my bath bomb I had a sense of calm and felt more relaxed than I have in a long time. It also made my skin feel so soft and silky. The aroma was also wonderful it wasn't overpowering it was just perfect. I would definitely recommend bubbly belle to everyone it is an amazing product and I will be purchasing more!!

Joyce P.

Love the smell, love the ring!

Lisa D S.

I love all of my bath bombs that I’ve purchased that’s what keep me coming to buy more, an excellent product that’s all organic too love, love💜🛀🏼💜🛀🏼💜🛀🏼.

Rosalind M.

Just love these and the rings inside

crystal s.

Paris smoothing and relaxing at the same time

sara l.

Love it. 10/10

Devin L.

The rings are always beautiful. The bath always looks so colorful my sister wants to watch it fizz

Victoria C.

It help with my stress by get it lowered

Loretta M.

It was very nice enjoyed it very much!

Charles B.

This one is really good it took all stress away

Charles G.

Love them

Rayneita W.

I love everyone of my rings

Cindy L.

I love the bath bombs from you. I have never been so relaxed after any other bath bombs. Nothing so far compares to the quality or natural products used. I would recommend these to every one.

Leslie E.

I think that this was the best out of the entire package that I received with the Massage following in a very close second. I will be ordering the De-stress once again!!


Loved it

Lynne P.

Lay back shut them eyes, and clear ur mind, if U can't it will do it 4U.

Michael S.

Bought for a friend and she loved it! Also the ring that came with!! :)

Sandra H.

I loved the smell and my skin felt very soft

Jennifer M.

I love the way I can escape for just a little bit when using the bath bombs.

Rebecca M.

I used my first bath bomb last night. Distress was the one that I used and I was amazed at how silky soft my skin felt. The nicest fragrance filled the air and swept me away to a simpler time and place. I love it !!

Crystal L.

I love Bubbly Belle!!! I have sensitive skin and the bath bomb did not irritate my skin! And its so much fun not knowing what ring might come in your bath bomb! I loved it!!!

Megan C.

It was nice.

George K.

Love the bath bombs, my only complaint would be that I am getting the same rings.

Beverly M.

They were wonderful the bath bomb felt wonderful i have alot of my friends they saw how much i enjoyed them i know 4 of my friends ordered some

Bailey M.

Cute packaging! Gorgeous gorgeous rings! I’m in love!!😍