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angela m.

I love receiving the product then getting it home just to take a bath with it. And such a beautiful ring enclosed. I love getting new ones all the time

Francine B.

The rings are beautiful love the soap🌹

Stephanie M.

My favorite scent.

Janet T.

Was ok. The smell was good.

Newton B.

My wife loved the product and the ring was frosting on the cake.

Christina R.

Makes the skin soft

Cassandra V.

Love the bath bombs and the rings

Eleanor N.

The rings are beautiful

Jacqueline F.

Love it.

Keira S.

I mixed 3 together cause I couldn’t wait but all together they smelled great

Pamela S.

I love these bath bombs!! They smell amazing and give you a light lotion. Only one problem, if you have a garden tub you need two bath bombs! How about a XL bath bomb?? The rings are fun but I am all about the bath bombs and the best baths I have ever enjoyed!!

Miranda P.

They are very reasonable for prices and always has sales. The smell last for a while in the bathtub, and I love the rings.

Martha C.

But at this time as of July 17 I wold like to cancel the orders due to money issue and getting laid off will hopefully come back when I get a job. I’ve tried to call to stop my orders. I will be putting a stop payment on the orders so plz stop. Again I love the bombs and the rings. I gave away the bath booms at my daughters baby shower as prizes and the ladies loved them. Plz let me know you got this for like I stated I will stop payments on future orders till I get another job. I take care of my elderly mother everyday in our home. I dream of getting one of the nice like engagement rings since I lost my diamond chip out of my first one. Something like that would just melt my heart. Thank you for the fun I’ve had again hope to start back soon. Keep up the good work and putting smiles on a lot of ladies faces.

Christine S.

Love it

Rhonda N.

Love the bath bombs!

Paula T.


Jerinda L.

I love the way they make me feel and smell and they make my skin soft

Tina D.

I love all so far.

Tracy M.

Never had one before it was very good experience

Joanne W.

I bought it for my granddaughters birthday n she loved it

Teresa B.

Very relaxing

Luanne N.

Very comforting and relaxing and love the way it makes my skin feel

Jonnica N.

Would recommend to anyone

Gervaise T.

So far this is my favorite ring. I loved the way my skin felt so smooth and silky. I have a high stress job and the destress did exactly that. I loved it so much that i also placed an order in my moms ring size and plan on doing so for my sister and best friend.

Keilan C.

Wonderful smell and loving detail inside of the bath bombs ,definitely makes you feel special ♥️

Lisa C.

I have six all together my niece gave me 2 of them and I liked all of them I don't take baths I'm a shower person so I let my grandchildren use the bath bombs but it does make your skin very soft . Thanks fo your help on my first order

Rebecca B.

One thing I love about the bombs is how they desolve, spinning and fizzing, like they are dancing. The water turing colors as they desolve, releasing wonderful scents into the air. I truly cherish the time I can spend in my tub with these wonderful bombs.

Chrissy B.


Lucinda A.

Just used it the relaxation

Susan B.

Took hot bath and was ready for bed. Awesome.

Donna K.

Loved this!

Christina H.

I let my granddaughter have it for her bath one day. She loved it but never took a pic prior to jumping in. She enjoyed it very much . Thank you

letitia C.

I love it and so do 5 of my close friends and sister who got a bubble ball with a ring in it. I am excited to see what I got in my next order. Thank you, Letitia Corpuz


After a long day at work the distress bath bomb is wonderful it's so calming

Sandra D.

Makes my skin super soft and love all the surprise rings

Denes B.

My wife already used them all, The rings were a good idea.

Kristina R.

This is one of the coolest rings I’ve got yet! The destress bath bomb was exactly what I needed during these trying times. Thanks so much Bubbly Belle!!!

Alberta B.

Destress was the bomb I felt like dancing afterwords I never used bath bombs because I have sensitive skin .and why you don't put the ingredients on the label?

JoAnn S.

I love the amazing smell that this bath bomb has. It Awesome

Marsela C.

I absolutely love your product and I will definitely order again and again

Sandra V.

Lovely smell and makes baths feel great,

Katrina S.

Love the bath bombs but have doubles of the ring would like to get different ones all the time 😉can't wait for the big drawing I never win anything 😀

Tristan M. W.


Dawn P.

This was one of the free rings, I purchased the bath bombs as Christmas Stocking staffers . I gave two of them to my daughters, and they loved them, my youngest loved hers so much she bought some for her daughters.

Melissa F.

They are wonderful

Jessi S.

Destress was the best. Followed by Starry Night. These things really make my day. 💙

Davis M. B.

It was the best, especially after being out in the snow for several hours. The aroma is very relaxing.

Kristie F.

Loved it

Cheryl H.

Loved it! It was so relaxing!

Alecia D.

Smells wonderful and relieves my anxiety along with my quiet bath time rituals. Bubbly belle never lets me down!

Michaela s.

I absolutely loved the bathbomb and loved the ring even more. The smell was amazing and I felt so relaxed.

Susan P.

The Bomb left Bosche and feeling soft like the lotion does it do I enjoyed it very much is very relaxing

Meagan B.


Valarie N.

This one was very relaxing and the smell was awesome

Amy d.

I absolutely love them. The smells are so awesome. The colors in the bathwater are beautiful nice and dark. I love the size of them as well.

Norma G.

Very nice and lasting scent!

Trish F.

So good! Great smell and left me with soft skin!

April C.

I love it I keep ordering it.

Kristina P.

i love these rings with the clear diamonds the best!😁

Karol W.

This really does help reduce my stress. It's wonderful. The rings are beautiful. I'm very happy with this product.

Charles B.

This one is really good it took all stress away

Ron J.

Loved it. Works great!

Amy W.

Bath bomb had amazing scent, and moisturizer! Loved it!

Nesha C.

I got 2 rings with my bath bomb! One was inside the bath bomb and the other was a free gift. They are both beautiful rings, and the bath bomb smelled so good! I ordered the 'Destress' bath bomb and it really did help my stress level drop as soon as it hit my bath water. The best part is that I got the 2 rings and an awesome bath bomb all for just $10.24! Thats including the shipping!

Tracey B.

Love love love Bubbly Belle!! I’ve enjoyed all products and each one smell so wonderful and have helped with my anxiety in some kind of way! Rather relaxing with a Bath Bomb or using an essential oil diffuser!! Each ring are so beautiful!!!

Donna L.

That smell amazing. Make me feel so good!!

Rhonda O.

It felt like a bubble bath.

Megan F.

It smells so good! Plus it turned my bath water a nice ruby color!

Darcy Q.

I’ve used bubbly belle before and I’m never disappointed. Great service and fast replies to any questions I had.

Wendy A.

Ring finger is my last purchase. It's beautiful & reminds me of Kay Jewelers infinity ring, I believe it's called. Either ways it's beautiful & I'm totally satisfied

Amanda R.

Smells great!

Isabel C. I.


Margarita M.

It was totally blissfull i love that it left my skin so soft.

Cindi C.

So cool. It is awesome!

Neveah B.

I felt special when I got it I love the bath-bomb smells amazing the ring is beautiful and I will definitely be shopping again

Elina W.

I love these bath bombs and I love the rings that y'all send with it and I hope I can get the $20.000 dollar ring because my boyfriend want to propose to me

Amanda W.

I work 40+ hours in a kitchen every week and to come home and lay in the bath with this bomb gets me relaxed and comfy for a great nights sleep

Karen M.


Peggy C.

i love the silky feeling during and after my bath and i continue to smell great for a few hours after

freda s.

Love my bath bombs,they are great and my new rings that are on my fingers are beautiful. Thank you all so much.

Christen H.

Absolutely love the destress bath bomb! Smells so intoxicating and leaves you skin so soft and smooth. And al the rings I’ve gotten are gorgeous!

Jennifer N.

I love how good it smells and how soft my skin is after!!!!

Tina C.


Quiahnya C.

Well the smell was soothing & it made the next for me was calm day of stressors.

Cindy S.

My honey enjoyed this one while I pampered him!!!

Jereme A.

It was a good thing for my fiance she liked it alot a would love to get more

Kimberly .

I love these!!! They smell wonderful and my rings have been awesome!!

Tammy G.


Brandy M.

I love these ! They work amazing and I look forward to them every evening

Heather C.

Love to relax with them almost every night! There amazing!

LouAnn G.

I loved it and it smelled great

Joyce G.

Love the bath bombs and especially the pretty rings.

Shannon H.

I love it!! I hade the most relaxing bath with a beautiful ring to pop up!!!

DeeAnn J.

It was very Beautiful

Shannon C.

Love them all!

Barbara A.

I plan on getting more later. I really love them.

Bonnie M.

Loved it

Tara B.

I love the rings wish I could get a real diamond ring.

Barbara G.

I love The rings..

Lena P.

it was awesome felt so relaxed after the bath

Elaine J.

Destress bath bomb is one of my favs... so relaxing from a long hard work week... made the bathroom smell so good and my skin so soft.