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Amber H.

Love it

Barbara B.

I love these bath bombs! So relaxing and I sleep so good after using them! The rings are beautiful but it seems like I’m picking the wrong bath bombs bc the rings I’ve gotten so far have been turning my fingers green! Not happy about that!

Nancy V.

Love the bath bomb. The way it makes my skin feel. Love the rings. Also purchased for my daughter & granddaughters. They loved them. Thank You, Nancy

Lynette N.

The bath bomb. Helped me after a bad day to relax

Mary R.

It was so excited and it smelled good.

Brian B.

Always bring a smile

Danielle F.

Great ball and great scent. Had nice oil but not too oily afterwards.

Paula B.

Smells so good

Melinda C.

I love the smell, it’s very relaxing and I love the rings.

Sheila K.

It helps with the discus

Karen J.

The bath bombs are great the rings are just cheap costume jewellery

Patty R.

I love the smell of these bombs! And always excited to see the ring! They are beautiful!

Michelle L.

Love the feeling and scent

Tabatha F.

Love it

Kattrina P.


Lisa C.

Christmas presents

Terry V.

The absolute peace I get from Destress is euphoric More money more money course if I had more money then you could continue the great American thing you do! Make us feel special, cuz you are. Be safe Take care

Haley S.

Loved this one. I absolutely cannot decide which is my favorite.

Cheryle M.

Really does Destress u. And can't beat the bling for ur fingers.

Brenda S.

Really love the smell helps calm you and just relax

Kelly B.

The bath bombs were awesome the rings are cheap

Latricia H.

OMG, it was so relaxing. Smelled Amazing. The ring was pretty.

Fiona G.

Like it A lot

Teresa L.


Harriet V.


Wendy G.

I love the aroma and the oils in it. I just lay back and relax. The rings are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Toni C.

I love my ring! It looks better than I expected and the fit is perfect!

Peyton S.

It helps me to relax and feel so soft and wonderful I sleep better

Helen C.

Bath balm was great. I knew that the ring inside would be cheap. This is just a big scam. I won't buy no more.

Janell W.

Took away my stress for the day and made me smell clean and good for the night.

Aimee V.

Both these rings are from bubbly belle! Purple one was free a gift with purchase; and green was inside my Sleep bath bomb. These rings are gorgeous and good quality. They're not silver; but they don't turn fingers black or tarnish; so 👍. The Sleep bath bomb was perfectly splendid as well! And I make my own jewelry and bath products lol so I have a high bar! I'm about to place my 3rd order. Oh- and shipping to BC, Canada was within 4 bus days! What!!

Karen K.

it was relaxing.

Cassie D.

I love these they smell amazing n the rings are so beautiful

John H.

I give it to a lady friends she loved it and the ring to

Misty S.

Loved it.. felt more relaxed

Hannah D.

Love the product price is totally worth it 💕💍#bubblybelleforlife

Ava B.

Was wonderful

Amy P.

I love ordering from here!

Carla B.

It felt so great and it smelled soooo good!!!!

Christina S.

The smell is amazing. Made me skin feel so soft.

Shenell H.

I love Bubbly Belle bath bombs!!! Whatever ails you the bath bombs work. Aromatherapy at its finest.

Susan H.


Melissa C.


Amy H.

I love the surprises I get, thanks for sharing your bath bombs. I have a question, my last email I received said I won a free ring with my next shipment. My shipment has already gone. What do I need to do?

Aylene C.

I loved them all

Trisha V.

It was a very nice experience.

Amanda D.

Was good

Maria W.


Nanette R.

I totally love this one it totally helps with destress

Tara B.

I love the rings wish I could get a real diamond ring.

Hannah M.

This was my favorite so far! Smells amazing!


I absolutely love the rings and the nice smelling bath balms!!

rebecca k.

I took my bath bomb and put in the water to soak my feet. It feel good.

Kurrie H.

I got three of these in a few weeks. Gave one to ny mother she said after using it she felt so relaxed. I used it after a very stress full day and felt better.

Carol S.

There great

Lisa B.

I love the bath bombs, I’m just tired of getting $15 rings so I’ve made the choice to longer purchase your product. Thanks

Debra S.

She loved it.

Robin G.

Love the way it made me feel!

Leslie S.

Love These Bath Bombs and the Rings!! Amazing company and product!

cindy m.

they smell gorgous and the way they fizz in bath is great ur skin smells gorgous after the bath and skin is soft just love them.


They all are what I call my spa night because that just how they make me feel as if I’m going to the spa from R&R. I love all of my bath bombs every single one which by the I share them with my mother so thank you guys for these awesome bath bombs.

Patricia M.

Took all the days stress away

Phyllis D.

It takes all ur distress away

Pamela S.

I look forward in getting my rings every month!!! I get two one I keep and one I always give as a gift!

Shiela G.

Love the bath bomb and the ring

Anita R.

Looking forward to my next order I love the Rings I've received

Julie L.

Just what I was expecting!! Thank you for the relaxing baths and pretty adornments for my fingers!! <3

terri k.

Got a beautiful ring can't wait to order again. Smelled so great!

Amanda C.

I love the gem in it it’s beautiful different colors and fits amazingly well

Michelle T.

Where do I start, let me start by saying the bath bombs are exactly that “The Bomb” they smell absolutely amazing and are so relaxing! Then on to the rings what can I can except WOW! They are so stunning I get so many compliments. If you’d like to treat yourself or don’t know what to get that hard to buy for person I highly recommend Bubbly Belle with out a doubt!

Katina B.

Me and my daughter's loved them thank you so much

Nannette L.

Two of them are so beautiful colors and scent is so fantastic. 3 of rings are so pretty. I hope will get 10,000 dollar or 10,000 worth of to ring, if I get a lucky if I order next time.

Anita R.

The smell is amazing

Jewell J.

I haven't received my last order, you said it was on it's way, but I have yet to receive it.

Kymberly A.

The smell and made my skin silky soft and smooth.lasts along time.will definitely be ordering again., also spreading the word to friends and family🙂

Darron K.


Shari G.

I love your bath bombs!! I am going to order more of them soon for sure💕💕

Jerinda L.

I love the way they make me feel and smell and they make my skin soft

Delores. L B.

My daughter really love getting the bath ball she loves the way it makes her feel

Carrie W.

Absolutely loved it!!

Patricia K.

My first time trying and I was not disappointed at all. I would and have recommended to all my friends.

Tammy D.

Love the ring its beautiful

Barbara J.

So relaxing and smell great

Deb A.

Didn’t receive it still waiting

brianna w.

The bath bomb was so incredibly relaxing

Camellia c.

i love it the ring was pretty

Frances H.

Granddaughter she it was wonderful

Deanna S.

Very lovely smell!! Loved this one and my kids loved the free one! Nice bath for before bed 👍

April S.

I especially love this one this one was the one that relaxed my whole entire body that experience was awesome

Kimberly R.

Its okay.

Irene R.

Loved it. The one I used this morning was to de stress myself felt good just to lean back and relax in bubbles.

Cynthia S.

I love the Bubbly Belle bath bombs! They make my skin feel soft and silky! The beautiful rings are an added bonus.

Christine D.

Believe it or not the bath bombs are for my husband. Baths help with his back pain. I am always on the lookout for good quality bath bombs. He has tried one from our first Bubbly Belle order and is very pleased. They are a good size. He enjoyed the smell, felt relaxed and nice on his skin. Bonus...I get a beautiful ring. I was a bit skeptical at first but so far very impressed! He has one more to try and then we will order again.

Sandra O J.

Really nice to relax in a bath using this bath ball. Made my skin soft and soothing. My husband even noticed how smooth my arms were. The rings were nice. Will make a nice gift too! Thank you!

Cindy L.

Love all there products

Samantha M.

Shipping was fast, paying and using the site was easy. The bath bomb smelled amazing and helped me relax so well.

Candice F.

It made my skin so smooth and i instantly felt destressed! The water was a beautiful orange red color! I will definitely be buying more! And the ring was so beautiful! 😍

Pamela E.

Rings are great fit perfect

Amy N.

they very nice the confonrt the really do wonk

Sabrina G.

My daughter loved it and the ring

Bailey M.

Cute packaging! Gorgeous gorgeous rings! I’m in love!!😍