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Kim R.

Very nice

Sarah M.

I love it


I love these bath bombs, I think the destress ball is my favorite and the ring matched the color of the bath water perfectly. A beautiful peach color stone in a simply lovely setting. I haven't taken a picture yet but I will get off my lazy butt and do just that! Don't hesitate, bubbly belle is a wonderful gift for yourself. I almost have a ring for every finger.

Joyce R.

It worked well.

Vernna M.

These are for Christmas presents and will be loved

Brittney C.


Glenda F.

I like the scent

Kris R.

Awesome , Awesome ,Awesome , ,I can't say enough about this product . Will keep buying

Leesha G.

I bought it as a gift for someone

Misty S.

these bath bombs smell great and prices are wonderful

Maria P.

It beautiful will be ordering more bathbombs

Maureen A.

I love the way they feel, and the way they make my skin feel so smooth.. it's very relaxing.. I use the desress .. and I love them.!!!

Judy K.

It helps when your depressed

Sandra V.

Lovely smell and makes baths feel great,

Sheila S.

Smells so nice

Melyssa J.

I have tried many different bath bombs. Your product is visually unique and the smell last through the entire bath. I was also very surprised by how soft my skin felt after the bath. Most other products make me fill dry and I have to use lotion right after. Your product not only made me feel relaxed but my skin was not thirsty after the bath. The ring is just a bonus. I was not sure about your price at first but the quality of the bath bomb alone was worth it.

Mary H.

Nice color and relaxing

Alicia O.

Enjoyed how soft my skin felt during and after the bath.

Amber R.

Love love love this company .. rings are so pretty and was a relaxing bathtime for sure... looking forward to ordering more

Patricia L.

Destress was a relaxing bath bomb. Ring inside is my favorite color - purple!

Krystin V.

The bath bomb smelt amazing!! The ring inside was gorgeous!! I’ll definitely be ordering again! 😊

Delia M.

It was great and relaxing thank you very much !!

michele B.

makes your body soft and takes the stress out very nice

karina b.

My skin feels really nice after using it am going to order for friends as a gift

Cyndi R.

Love this one it relaxed me. The ring is beautiful

Deborah G.


Michelle P.

Love it just want I need

Krista B.

It was nice to soak in the tub with the de stress bath bomb. The rings are nice but when I tried to do the codes to see how much the ring was worth it wouldn't let me know

Jammie A.

I loved the destress bath bomb, it smelled amazing and had me feeling nice and relaxed and stress free in my tub. I enjoy the variety of rings, wish you had half sizes though. I'm a 6.5 ring size.

Amber Z.

I love this one. After a 10 hour work day this one really helps me relax and unwind from my day.

Samantha P.

Love the colours and the rings are so cute, the scent of them goes very quickly but still love them.

Jennifer S.

My kids used them and loved them! Have to order more for me

Tammie C.

The aroma and feel of the bath bomb both relaxed and comforted me. I will definitely use more in the future.

Darlene H.

Omg what an awesome scent I was really surprised at the size in the bomb And the ring was incredible! I will definitely be ordering again soon

Mary L.

I just love my rings and my baths are so much more relaxing. My orders came fast

Theresa R.

Rings are pretty and bath bomb great

carlee m.

Destress is my favorite the smells melt your worries away and leave your skin so soft

DeeAnn J.

It was very Beautiful

Rhonda N.

Love the bath bombs!

Mary Jane S.

Shes so lovely for after a long days of stress

Bonnie L.

These are great bath bombs

Angelina S.

Dyes the water beautifully. Smells amazing and fizzes perfectly. Will buy again and recommend to friends.

Rayneita W.

I love everyone of my rings

Anita G.

I love it smell good and oh I love how I felt while I was Soaking soaking in the bath

Tanya P.

Love them

jessica b.

it is a great stress reliever and i have told several coworkers about these bath bombs.

Beverly M.

I love my ring that I went and ordered some more and told my Co-Workers about this website.

Lisa Ann G.

Destress bomb is just that: "DE"STRESSING

alycia t.

Melts the stress away

Juana C.

They are chirstmas gifts.

Jamie W.

Absolutely love the ring and so do my kids!!

Mary R.

Absolutely gorgeous ring. Love the bath bomb bubble bell is the best...Smell was simply awesomeness

Recenia G.

It just makes feel nice and warm in the tub while using the bombs. Thanks a bunch!

Kimberly B.

This was such a wonderful soak. I enjoyed it immensely.

Nalahshey W.

It was great, the ring was beautiful.

Wendy M.

Love the smell.

Amanda W.

Very relaxing and smells amazing.

Marjorie C.

It is very good bath bombs

Shawnace G.

I really loved the colors and the smell. It made my skin really soft.

Olena K.

I very like it. It bubbles so well.

Johni B.

They are great smelling and it is always fun and you get a prize too. Thank you

Cheryl P.

Love the smell. Can’t wait to try it.

Kattrina P.


Kyle D.

Loved the wonderful smell. They leave my body nice and soft as well. And love each ring ive recieved

Angelique M.

Normally I take showers. This was my 1st bath in a long time and it was amazing. The aroma was soothing and it made my skin feel silky soft. I stayed till the water got cold. (I hate anything cold). It was very relaxing

Heather D.

Bath bomb smells great and the ring is beautiful.

Myriam R.

Smell good love the scent made my skin soft. Love it

letitia C.

I love it and so do 5 of my close friends and sister who got a bubble ball with a ring in it. I am excited to see what I got in my next order. Thank you, Letitia Corpuz

Julie T.

I love the wings and the bath bombs smells very good I love the way it made me feel

Karen B.

It was a nice mellow smell

Cristi C.

Gave as a gift and they want more

Dianne C.

I love my bath bombs and the rings are just beautiful can’t wait to order again

Breana B.

I used it after a stressful day with ex and kids and it totally calmed me down enough to sleep afterwards. Plus I got a beautiful ring out of it.

Jereme A.

It was a good thing for my fiance she liked it alot a would love to get more

Martha B.

I love the way it smells in the bath and makes my skin feel so soft. I have been using for about a year now and will continue to do so love Martha

Tracy R.

I’ve tried different bath bombs and I’ve never found one to relax me like the distress one did.

Nesha C.

I got 2 rings with my bath bomb! One was inside the bath bomb and the other was a free gift. They are both beautiful rings, and the bath bomb smelled so good! I ordered the 'Destress' bath bomb and it really did help my stress level drop as soon as it hit my bath water. The best part is that I got the 2 rings and an awesome bath bomb all for just $10.24! Thats including the shipping!

Brooke L.

Love the fragrance of this bath bomb!!

Janis S.

I bought this for a gift What a hit She really loves soaking in the tub I will buy more for gifts 🎉💋🎊

Kymberly A.

The smell and made my skin silky soft and smooth.lasts along time.will definitely be ordering again., also spreading the word to friends and family🙂

meriah f.

Love these ones they dont hmchange my finger colors sooo i dont know why the other 6 did im kind of discouraged still because them ones were sooooo pretty as well. But love this one

Holly C.

By far one of my favorite rings! Not to mention the relaxation I feel after a long day in healthcare to come home and throw one of these in the tub ❤️❤️❤️

Karlie L.

It was worth it i loved it

Glenda F.

Relaxing scent

Elizabeth G.


Mary L.

This bath bubblie was a gift for my daughter. Her son however decided she had to share so he got the bath and she got the ring. It was just beautiful and he loved the soothing bubbling of the bath bomb and the relaxing, calming sent. Thank you for an awesome product

Katherine S.

Loved this bath bomb, it made me relax and unwind.

Michelle B.

The rings a excellent quality and the bath bombs are the BEST I’ve ever purchased!!! Keep up the amazing job Team😁

Michelle W.

Very nice smell in my bath last night. Ring pretty

Hannah S.

I loved opening up my package and dropping my bath bomb in the tub! I was excited to see which ring I would get and LOVED the one I got!!

Aurora G.

It made me feel so relaxed

Cindi C.

So cool. It is awesome!

Christina S.

It smells so good that before I even touched my water I was already in bliss .

Melony W.

The bath bomb smelled really good and my ring is beautiful!

Cynthia J.


Alicia H.

Everyone of them are amazing!

Kristine B.

I love the scents of the bath bombs & the rings are stunning! ❤️ Can’t wait to order my next ones.

Nicole S.

Loved it

Rhianna M.

One of the best smelling bath bombs I have ever smelt, very relaxing and moisturizerizing, definitely buy again and recommend to friends.

Lucy A.

I love them Wonderful

vicki c.

Smelled great! After soaking, my skin was sooooo soft