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Lupita K.

Love these bath bombs!!! When they arrive everyone in the house knows they cannot bother me.. haha.. but the most incredible thing is the rings inside.. cute addition and it’s amazing!! :-)

Kaci W.

I love this amazing product. It smells amazing it has beautiful color to it and has a Gorgeous ring inside! Love it


I absolutely love the rings and the nice smelling bath balms!!

April A.

The bath bombs are amazing and the rings are just a pleasant bonus

Candy A.

I enjoyed the bath bomb and the rings

Alana M.

It smells amazing!

Vanessa S.


Morgan B.

The destress bath bomb worked really well I love all the bath bombs I have ordered they are amazing

Lisa C.

I have six all together my niece gave me 2 of them and I liked all of them I don't take baths I'm a shower person so I let my grandchildren use the bath bombs but it does make your skin very soft . Thanks fo your help on my first order

Diana W.

Great scent and wonderful experience, one of my sea gems, picture attached to previous review.

Donna P.

Really nice scent. Beautiful ring inside! Thanks! I love it!

Theresa M.

Love how they smell & feel. I am disappointed cause the reason I order 2 more I was told I had won a 100.00 ring. Not a ring worth a Hundred So now I will not be ordering any more. And by the way. I dont get the 20% off.

Regina H.

It was wonderful.

Shayla B.

I love it.

Jolyen H.

I wasn’t sure it was worth the money but it really is Worth the money it smells great and it does relax you! The ring is pretty but I do t know if anyone gets a Ring worth more then $15 but it’s a nice surprise!

Angela R.

Love the destress ball the colors are mesmerizing and relaxing.

Linda J.

Don’t have one yet. Haven’t been able to use it

Betty l.

The bath bombs is nice to relax I like it thank you.

Shaletia C.

I finally got my order today and I love it

Elizaveta G.

Amazing Thank you ❤️

Geraldine N.

I am unable to get in tub. Is it in chair and bathe. The aroma was fantastic. I was able to relax for first time in long time. My caregiver was so excited. Sorry I have not responded sooner, however I lost my phone. I was able to replace yesterday. Thank you very much.

Tessa B.

I love all of my rings but didn’t revive my 2 size 5 or my 3 size 7 in time for Christmas still waiting

Irene R.

Took a hot bath and just let this virus fade away while in tub. Wish it could remove virus.

Cheryle M.

Really does Destress u. And can't beat the bling for ur fingers.

Kathy F.

Greatest bath bombs ever scent your bathroom and make skin amazing ! Great rings too !!!!!

Cynthia A.

Love the bath bomb it smelled great and the ring would’ve been nice if I could’ve fit it but I got the wrong size so I gave it 2 my niece still love this product!

Leona R.

The destressing bomb did exactly what the name says left me feeling calm and my body so smooth and silky. I really needed it that day my stress level was at a all time high. Thank you bubbly belle for making a great product.

Vanessa S.

The shipping is amazing and so is the service. You guys take your job seriously and make sure we as the customers get satisfaction guaranteed. Thank you all for your hard work.

Ann S.

I actually bought these as a Christmas present for my best friend. She told me she has wanted these for a while, so wont know much until after the holidays.

Brittany B.

I love the ring and bath bomb will be ordering again

Inga a.

Loved the look and smell of the bombs. Had to guess my ring size so sadly they don't fit but will fit my daughter ❤

Marsha S.

Loved them all

Crystal S.

Love the fragrance and oils!

Brandi S.

Love these things....I'm addicted!!

Loretha W.

These are gifts bought for some kids. So no pictures available. Will be ordering again soon. Question: Can Bath Bubbles In one single order request, have multiply ring sizes ?

Corinna C.

Used my first bath bomb and its amazing, smells fantastic and my skin feels so soft. I cant wait to try more! I love the ring too!!

Johnette o.

I loved them not only are you getting a Beautiful ring you are having a spa day at home

Melissa W.

love it

Estelle P.

The smell of his bath bomb is unbelievable so relaxing in the tub made me feel so wonderful took away all my stress of the day hang with a pretty Ring 2 but the bath bomb alone love it I just love it!!!!!

Christina B.

ι αм αвѕσℓυтєℓу 100% вєуσи∂ ѕαтιѕfιє∂ ω/ му #вυввℓувєℓℓє σя∂єяѕ!!! иσт σиℓу αяє тнє вαтн вσмвѕ αмαzιиg, вυт тнє яιиgѕ αяє α σиє-σf-α-кιи∂ туρє σf вєαυтιfυℓ ѕтуℓє....иσт тσ мєитισи тнє яιиgѕ ѕιzєѕ ωєяє σи ρσιит & ι ωσυℓ∂ яє¢σммєи∂ вв тσ αиуσиє αи∂ єνєяуσиє fσя тнєιя яιиg αи∂ вαтн вσмв иєє∂ѕ!!! кєєρ υρ тнє gяєαт ωσяк!!! ~ ¢נ вαяℓє, ¢αℓιfσяиια

Jill h.

Alexa A.

The bathbomb was great and you get a ring inside the bathbomb and plus you also get a bonus ring to. But the bathbomb it self is amazing and smells really good, feels nice to and I will be getting another one as well as you should get one to!!!

Paul P.

My wife simply loved the ring

Meagan B.


Marjorie C.

It is very good bath bombs


It was amazing Inwould definitely buy more again soon when I have a chance too.

Denes B.

My wife already used them all, The rings were a good idea.

Brittney C.


Trisha E.

Very refreshing. Great way to enjoy the end of a stressful day.

Amy S.

Love it will buy many more products.

Monica D.

I love all of my Bubbly Bell Bath Bombs! But most of all I love my tings!

Cheri M.

The bath bomb was super relaxing and I enjoyed my bath! But I continue to enjoy the ring on a daily basis!

Karen K.

it was relaxing.

Keeley W.

Lovely smell and lovely ring inside

Lisa B.

The Bath Bomb is the BOMB!!! Smells absolutely amazing. Very relaxing after a long day. Then a Beautiful Ring pops up...makes it even better. Very Happy.

Tracie S.

Love love love !!

pam m.

I love the smell and the smooth skin

Marie b.

It's okay don't really care for the smell but it does a great job

Adrienne H.

Love the fragrance and how my skin feels after

Mark C.

My daughter loved it it helped with the stress and it smelled wonderful

Dixie T.

I eagerly await each package

Kelly S.

the bath bomb made my skin very soft, and I love the rings!

April C.

I love it I keep ordering it.

Camrey R.

i like how it makes me feel and my skin is soft as a baby's butt


Helped me to destress myself from a long day at work

Laura G.

Beautiful smells so glorious

Kristian T.

It was the stress free bomb. I was very tense before I soaked. But after soaking, I felt relaxed and vibrant.

Aida P.

I love wearing them all together they are awesome!

Robin M.

The different type of bath balls are awesome. I as a Veteran with PTSD, recommends any and all types of the bath balls. While taking a bath, it becomes so relaxing, that for an hour, it takes me to a different place where I can forget the pain for a little while. While taking a bath, the ring that pops to the top brings a much welcome smile on my face. I am recommending this package to all of my friends. I am truly Blessed to have come across this site.

April T.

Bath bomb was so relaxing and I uave gotten so many compliments on the ring!!

Anastasiya B.

The skin was so Soft. You could tell the water was soft and my skin after was silky.

Valarie N.

This one was very relaxing and the smell was awesome

Crystal B.

Love this bath bomb this is my thord order of it ! It is such a great desrresser after work or when the kids are in bed !

Cryselda G.

Will be ordering again

Mariah M.

It was relaxing

Leora .

Smells great very relaxing

Toni M.

I love my rings I was wondering if you have half sizes ..I would love to win one of your beautiful ten thousand dollars rings I love rings thank you for your beautiful rings 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Kimberly R.

Haven't used it yet

Kerah S.

I love this bath bomb. I ordered it after the holidays and it came in on a day that I was extremely stressed. This bath bomb helped me relax so that I could have a peaceful evening.

Lisa W.

My fiancee is on Hospice and the aide let's him soak! He's been sleeping all day! Thank You as the Ring fits just right!

Tanisha T.

They were great bath bombs

Pretty P.

Yellow my favorite color

Aleah T.

Beautiful ring, nice scent. Perfect

Patricia H.

The rings are very nice I love them

Tanya h.

The bath bomb was a dud it broke when it hit the water but the ring is beautiful I love the color purple


smells heavenly and hooked on these. They make perfect gifts as well. Jill Jordan

Karli S.

Smelled amazing and was so relaxing.

Angie G.

The green emerald stone is just beautiful.. I haven't looked it up yet to find out about it but they all come with a slip of paper that tells u about ur ring...the bath bomb was extra large.. I got 3 baths out of 1. I will continue to buy them as often as I can... Thx bubbly

Loretta M.

It was very nice enjoyed it very much!

Carine D.

Very relaxing, smells great, and the ring is beautiful!

Elizabeth W.

Was very relaxing.

Heather H.

The rings were beautiful

Becky M.

LOL too late already used it I'll have to send you a picture of one of the other ones. Thank you so much LOL I think bubbly belle is great.

Lisa D S.

I love all of my bath bombs that I’ve purchased that’s what keep me coming to buy more, an excellent product that’s all organic too love, love💜🛀🏼💜🛀🏼💜🛀🏼.

Ilona G.

I’ve already used 4 of bubbly belles bath bombs and I absolutely love them, not only is the quality great and each bath bomb is unique but I also love the surprise that awaits you after it’s fizzes out. Each ring is very beautiful and I plan on using the bath bombs as gifts!

Julia L.

Love it

Diane L.

love it wii buy again

Maria R.

One word. Luxurious.

Michael C.

One of the best bath bombs ever!!!

Jennifer L.

After laying back in the tub with my bath bomb I had a sense of calm and felt more relaxed than I have in a long time. It also made my skin feel so soft and silky. The aroma was also wonderful it wasn't overpowering it was just perfect. I would definitely recommend bubbly belle to everyone it is an amazing product and I will be purchasing more!!

Tina M.

I 💜this bath bomb;Purple my favorite color; Thanx so much; Bubbly Belle: Absolutely the Best! Good Day😃