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Kathleen M.

It actually does help

Mackenzie A.

Sweet smelling and looks beautiful

Stephanie B.

Smells great and is very refreshing and relaxing

Ashley P.

I love love love the bath bombs ❤️ with an added beautiful ring!!

Tristin W.

I originally got them for the woman in my life but she used one and I went in to take a leak and it smelled really good so I got myself the shark ones.

Chastity M.

I love bath bombs they take Reality away for awhile so I can collect my thoughts and my mind . JUST AMAZING ! Thank you!

Brandy M.

I love these ! They work amazing and I look forward to them every evening

Amber Z.

I love this one. After a 10 hour work day this one really helps me relax and unwind from my day.

sara l.

Love it. 10/10

Jennifer F.

Fast delivery very good bath bomb and pretty rings

Keri N.

Hands down the best bath bombs around! Smell is incredible and lingers for hours, love the color difference in the bathtub and the rings are very beautiful

Debbie U.

Love the bath bombs I spent 159 $ and when I went to pick them up had to pay another 33$ to get them So at this time I will not order more just to expensive.

Krista B.

It was nice to soak in the tub with the de stress bath bomb. The rings are nice but when I tried to do the codes to see how much the ring was worth it wouldn't let me know

Peyton S.

It helps me to relax and feel so soft and wonderful I sleep better


thanks so much I have been using these for 2 years or so love all of the ones I try

Stephanie C.

Great smelling bath bomb and the ring is beautiful

Holly K.

I have a 7yr old daughter and we just love your rings

Monica G.

It's beautiful. Everyone keeps asking where I got it from. I tell them Bubbly Belle.

Rachel B.

I loved the smell and loved the ring that came with it!!

Margarita M.

It was totally blissfull i love that it left my skin so soft.

Samanta C.

The smell was perfect and my skin was perfectly soft after bath. I LOVE IT¬!

Dianne C.

Smells great 👍

Tamatha W.

I loved it.

Kathleen M.

My daughter relaxed so much using this and she never relaxes.

Tanya h.

The bath bomb was a dud it broke when it hit the water but the ring is beautiful I love the color purple

cindy l.

The ring is beautiful and I have received many compliments on the quality it has. Thank you Bubbly belle

Jayleen F.

It smelled really nice and the ring was gorgeous

Debra J.

Smelled heavenly, so relaxing to melt into the bath.

Suzanne P.

Was very relaxing. Loved the ring what a bonus

Amanda L.

Amazing, my skin and hair stayed so soft the night of and the day after ! The smell was lovely and I was overall very satisfied and will be ordering again!

Elizabeth S.

Was a wonderful experience really enjoyed the bubbling. Ring was also beautiful. Thank you for a great product.

Mckala D.

I let all the stress wash off my body in the tub. Feel like a brand new woman

Remi P.

Love it!

Laurie L.

Awesome, just like a double rainbow!

Vanesa C.

Peaceful bathing! experience

Jollie B.

I love bubble belle the rings are pretty.

Kathy B.

Goes perfect with my band

Shayla B.

I love it.

Beverly N.

This was a gift for my daughter and she can’t wait to use it after a long day at work.

Jody J.

Love the smell and it makes me very relaxed

Bertha M.

It was only a 15 dollar ring but pretty.

Lashandra H.

Love it

Cheryl V.

Had such a wonderful sleep and made me smell amazing I will different pay again

pam m.

I love the smell and the smooth skin

Darla T.

Love it smelled good

Jenelle J.

Love that they are more organic.

Jeane W.

Great product, wonderful scents, leaves skin soft and invigorated. Jewelry inside is very nice, great design and goid quality. Site was easy to follow to order and to check the value of the jewelry inside. I would definitely order again and positively refer the product to others .

Joshua T.

Chantelle M.

The smell is relaxing

Jacoba D.

I love the bath bombs they are amazing. I will be getting more very soon.

William R.

She loved bath bomb not one out of 4 rings over the minimum $15 value

Mark C.

My daughter loved it it helped with the stress and it smelled wonderful

Catherine D.

Finally arrived today - delay due to international shipping and COVID which is out of Bubbly Belle's control. So happy to see the postie this morning and to try on!!!

Mirna V.

Amassing love it

Angie S.

I absolutely am in love with the bath bombs and the rings! The bath bombs are so soothing and they actually color the water and make pretty designs!! The rings are always great quality and always super pretty! They also work great as presents!!! All of you are doing a great job and I'm definitely going to be ordering much more!!


So much fun and the bath bombs are the best.

Maria K.

I love all of the Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs I have tried so far, and that is most of them! I have only one recommendation/suggestion: WHY NOT REAL BUBBLES??? I think that would make your bath bombs, "The Bomb" LOL!!! I love to soak in a bubble bath and most of my friends do as well, but it's hard to find quality bombs like yours that really bubble and smell so good!!!

Kymberly A.

The smell and made my skin silky soft and smooth.lasts along time.will definitely be ordering again., also spreading the word to friends and family🙂

Cathy T.

I love the scent of the destress bomb and the oils soften my skin. I just do a quick soap wash to remove excess oils and my skin is soft and supple without feeling greasy.

Rachel P.

Loved my free ring, said a size 5, but fit like a 4.

Rachel S.

I loved the ring, I love the smell and how the bath bomb made my skin feel. So relaxing. Will definitely buy more!

Karen B.

I love the rings. They are prettier and prettier each time I order from BB. You have the corner on the aromatherapy market, or you should! Thanks.

Marlana M.

It smelled great n felt even greater on my skin I was absolutely sold on these bath bombs.. my skin was moisturized and was soft and smooth as could be.. thanks bubbly belle

arlene s.

I love soaking I heal distress and all the other soap bombs to and they smell so good I just wish I could win a ten thousand dollar ring but I'm not lucky my next order will be the butterfly soap bombs

Dixie D.

It does destress

Kelly R.

The name says it all!! It smells so good! With every breath I could feel the tension melt away, my skin was so soft! I highly recommend and to make a stressful day even better my ring is beautiful!!

Kerri J.

I love the scent(s) of all of the bath bombs that I have used, however, I seem to keep getting the same ring or rings with the same color stone. Not sure if I will order any more because of this.

Katy H.

Sat in the bath for a few hrs with this one. It was great.

Tammy A.

They smell good and make my skin feel soft

Shianne R.

I love bath bombs

Melissa C.


Vanessa S.

The shipping is amazing and so is the service. You guys take your job seriously and make sure we as the customers get satisfaction guaranteed. Thank you all for your hard work.

Amy S.

It's amazing

Shea-Lynn L.

It helped me to relax from a crazy day.

Julia L.

Love it

Heather S.

I love these bath bombs..

Savana R.

Absolutely loved these bath bombs my skin was so soft and super relaxing. I loved the jewelry I got I definitely don’t recommend wearing them over night or for long periods of time. Thy may turn your fingers different colors.

Karon S.

I loved it cant wait to buy more

lynette w.

Amazing colour and smell

Tammy B.

I had a very relaxing bath and my skin felt really soft. I will be ordering again to try others.

Charlotte H.

Very beautiful rings would definatly buy from you again xxx

Valarie N.

This one was very relaxing and the smell was awesome

Rosalinda R.

Loved it!! Bought it for my mom for her birthday and she absolutely loved the rings they are beautiful and true to size.

Cari B.

I loved it it helped me not be so stresed I will keep on purchasing this product because it’s amazing and I am so pleased I even referred This company to some family members And friends hope they will be as pleased as I am

Janice W.

Very relaxing

Sheron H.

The fragrance is nice and so is the jewelry.

elizabeth c.


Brenda A.

It was wonderful And relaxing

Cherese W.

I love the way the bath bombs make your skin feel soft and smooth

Mariah T.

I absolutely loved the bath bomb!! They’re huge and great priced! Plus you get a free ring!! I love the rings I actually just had something happen to my wedding rings and bubbly belles are so pretty I can use one of the one so for as mine until mike get fixed!

Jacqueline F.

Love it.

Cindy B.

I love the Bath Booms for what I know about them and for what my Adult daughters have said, the ring is a great bonus. My orders came quickly and were packaged very well, good and safe. As these are Christmas gifts the ordeal of basking in all there glory will have to wait for now. My room smells real sweet with the four booms in it waiting to be wrapped and go under the tree. So excited 😀. Thank you bubbly belle

Monta M.

My husband purchased these for my birthday. What a joy. And they are beautiful.

Kelly B.

The bath bombs were awesome the rings are cheap

Leah P.

Tonight I used the Sleep bomb which was absolutely heaven! My skin feels soft and smooth and I feel very relaxed. The ring I found is a beautiful square cut clear stone with a twisted silver band. Love, love, love Bubbly Belle!

Mary M.

These bathbooms are amazing I have really enjoyed them . They have a amazing smells to each one ,and they made my skin so soft and the smells are so amazing . The rings are so gorgeous , I've had so many people ask me where did you get them beautiful rings at . I love showing them off to other .

Gail W.

I was so happy with the super fast shipping! The bath bombs are so fizzy & I love anticipating seeing my ring!!

Ted W.


Angelica R.

I used 1 of my 2 bath bombs LOVE IT can't wait to use my other one.....ring is beautiful fits perfectly. ...also can't wait for next shipment

Shelia L.

I really love the bath bombs. This one smelled so so good. And the ring is amazing such a beautiful blue.

Jason S.

My wife loved it.. I will be buying more