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Lorrie G.

Enjoyed watching it fizz. Relaxed in hot tub, treatment left soft smooth skin. Will continue to enjoy other mood balls. BullyBelles..

Dawn S.

I have twice and been very happy with both purchases my granddaughter's love the bath bombs !

Bonnie M.

I have not recieved my last purchase my st Patrick's order., l do like the last order very much l gave one of the rings to my daughter she loved it so much she said mom l just have to have this one. Thank you.

Leona R.

The destressing bomb did exactly what the name says left me feeling calm and my body so smooth and silky. I really needed it that day my stress level was at a all time high. Thank you bubbly belle for making a great product.

Vickie S.

Totally enjoyed it

Mackenzie A.

Sweet smelling and looks beautiful

Hannah A.

Help with relaxing

Kirinia E.

So exciting Love my presents So addictive

Ashley W.

Beautiful ring, love the experience of anticipating what ring I’m going to get!!

Jennie W.

I loved it

Tammy B.

I had a very relaxing bath and my skin felt really soft. I will be ordering again to try others.

Mary M.

Love the smell! Feels good!!

Kurrie H.

I got three of these in a few weeks. Gave one to ny mother she said after using it she felt so relaxed. I used it after a very stress full day and felt better.

Nalahshey W.

It was great, the ring was beautiful.

Amanda B.

Loved the scent and watching it bubble, foam, and color my bath. My skin is always so soft after and I’m a little more relaxed for sure.

Tina A.

I love the bath Bombs. They make my bath water so soft and smells great. My skin is always soft afterwards.

Lisa B.

I like it and the ring is pretty

Patty W.

It was great. Made me feel better.

Denise D.

Thank you

Christine J.

I like this so much

Tess L.

It really helpful for me less, stressful and more relax but getting most common rings had four same rings

Ragan G.

Absolutely love this bath bomb

Cheryl V.

I’m a frontline worker and I come home so stressed out and I go for a bath for 1 hour use 2 destress bath bombs and get out and I’m stress free love then wish they can make bigger ones but perfect can’t wait to buy more for myself thank you bubbley bella for making these amazing love always Cheryl

brenda s.

they are so beautiful and have the most delightful smell the rings are beautiful and the service was amazing ty

Theresa S.

All three are very simple yet pretty! I can't wait to get more, more stones different colors so I can find one to match every outfit!

Kasaundra V.


Jessica B.

I LOVE these bath bombs! They always smell amazing and make me geel great! The rings weren't as nice as ive usually recieved tho. Kinda cheap and chintzy looking actually.

Cheryl C.

My first time ordering, I think the total was at 8. I got destress,, lavender, sleep, and several others. The picture above is the mystic fire ring with silver metal and idk but I think it is really made of silver! All of my bath bombs came with rings and all of them are simply beautiful and awesome. Thank you bubbly belle!!!!

Sara W.

I highly recommend this love it

Linds C.

Nice relaxing wow

Dareese C.

I love the bath bombs they are so relaxing and the rings are beautiful. Gave one to my Daughter's now my 21 year old is hooked and my 9 year old was so excited to get her own and she loved her ring.

Angela H.

I love everything about this experience!

Martha C.

I love it


Helps destress me and very silky soft.

Judith H.

I always enjoy my bubbly bath ball. It is so nice leaves your body so soft, I just love them. I love the color it turns the bath water.

Nanette R.

I totally love this one it totally helps with destress

Ashley M.

Loved the smell and it was so relaxing.

Tammie C.

The aroma and feel of the bath bomb both relaxed and comforted me. I will definitely use more in the future.

Olivia E.

Love the way my skin feels, also love how relaxed I am after my bath.

Aleta W.

This is a great product,love it.

Sheila R.

I loved the scent and the way your skin feels. The ring is a nice bonus

Luanne N.

Very comforting and relaxing and love the way it makes my skin feel

Alisha C.

My sister and I absolutely LOVE our bath bombs and our rings!! The ring in my picture is my favorite one!! I really hope I get a Champaign color diamond ring in my next order!! 😉☺ highly recommended to all woman that love bath bombs and rings!!! Great prices also!! Thanks you guys!! Yall ROCK!!! ❤

Victoria F.

This one really works well, I felt so much better and calm after I used the Destress..

Bethany D.

It smells so good and makes your skin smooth and soft.

Vanessa m.

So lovely so relaxing


Helped me to destress myself from a long day at work

Miriam H.

I love the pleasurable baths & the beautiful rings!!!

Debra J.

Smelled heavenly, so relaxing to melt into the bath.

Leah P.

Tonight I used the Sleep bomb which was absolutely heaven! My skin feels soft and smooth and I feel very relaxed. The ring I found is a beautiful square cut clear stone with a twisted silver band. Love, love, love Bubbly Belle!

Shawna H.

the smells was great dispersed perfectly and really did feel relaxed

Michael S.

Bought for a friend and she loved it! Also the ring that came with!! :)

D'Ann A.


Cheryl H.

Very wonderful it smells so good makes your body soft feel refreshed and a beautiful ring inside I love it✝️🦅

Amy S.

Love it will buy many more products.

Christina A.

Love these a bath bombs!!! Would recommend them to everyone.

Crystal B.

It helps reduce stress.

Patricia H.

The rings are very nice I love them


I love these bath bombs. They smell wonderful and are so relaxing. Thank you.

Cheryl G.

The bath bombs smell amazing. The rings are beautiful and perfectly sized. just wish I could get more of the dollar bath bombs than just one before you offer me to buy the expensive one. I am a mother of a four-year-old daughter with disabilities and I love your bath bombs so much but it's hard for me to afford them and I love the chance that I get to win a ring worth something that I could actually use the money to spend on my daughter. Over all the product is wonderful. Sincerely single mother Burlington Vermont.

Alberta B.

I Really Enjoy Destress Bath Bomb It's Very Relaxing I was Feeling So Good I Started Dancing Around The House 🤗

Regina T.

I tried my bath bomb after work. I felt so relaxed and ready to have fun. I got myself ready to entertain company. Something I’m usually not in the mood to do after work but my relaxing soak in my destress bath changed that. Thanks BubblyBelle.

Tammy C.

Great smelling and gorgeous ring

Jamie P.

My ring is beautiful an the belle bomb made my skin so. Soft... will be ordering again! Very happy!!

Cindi C.

So cool. It is awesome!

arlene s.

I love soaking I heal distress and all the other soap bombs to and they smell so good I just wish I could win a ten thousand dollar ring but I'm not lucky my next order will be the butterfly soap bombs

Sheila K.

It helps with the discus

Jessie M.

Love my bath bombs the rings make them even more amazing

Mary A.

I Love my bath bombs love the smell and my skin don't feel dried out like it usually does

Allyson C.

Love it. Smell good.

Tiffany S.

Love how it smells and skin is so soft after!

Kelly S.

Get your's today! I havent gotten a ring I didn't love or a bomb that isn't amazing smelling and feeling

Anya S.


Amy H.

I love the surprises I get, thanks for sharing your bath bombs. I have a question, my last email I received said I won a free ring with my next shipment. My shipment has already gone. What do I need to do?

Kimberly W.

Ring s r beautiful and mAke great gifts

Tammy A.

They smell good and make my skin feel soft

Noel h.

They smell amazing

Bonnie L.

So looking forward to give them for gifts

Shirley B.


Tonya A.


Jan F.

Bath bomb was very moisturizing. Love my ring!

brianna w.

The bath bomb was so incredibly relaxing

Leona F.

I really love the bath bombs; the aroma is amazing; my skin feels and smells so good! I love the way the it fizzles and changes the color of the water. That is one of the most relaxing parts! The rings a nice bonus! I always let the ring float the ring float and don't open it until Just before I get out of the bath. Unfortunately, I have gotten duplicate rings. I think they will be nice surprises for my friends so sometimes when I purchase bath bomb, I order a different ring size, because my favorite part is the bath bombs themselves! Just my luck, somebody else will get the premium ring! That's okay too!

Susan L.

I want to buy MORE 💓💎

Brianna C.


Melissa W.

love it

Courtney p.

Loved the smell of it and makes your skin feel amazing and the ring inside is absolutely amazing

Angela S.

It was like soaking in fresh Sangria. Skin was so soft. And smelled so good. And ring pretty too.

sandy c.

After soaking in the destress bomb bath, I was so relaxed I went right to sleep. And my prize ring was shiny and pretty

Scott S.

I love the smell of this bath bomb

Jewell J.

I haven't received my last order, you said it was on it's way, but I have yet to receive it.

Deanna S.

Very lovely smell!! Loved this one and my kids loved the free one! Nice bath for before bed 👍


very pretty!

Amanda P.

Love Bubbly Belle

Norma M.

I love my bad bombs. They relax me..

Alfreda T.

It's amazing I love it

Gloriea L.

Beautiful colors wonderful scent and soothing to the skin

Tewanna M.

BUBBLYBELLE.COM/REVEAL Great product everyone should try it thanks again🥰

Charen A.

Had a very long hard day at work, came home with a raging headache and my bath bombs had been delivered. The smell of the bath bomb was perfect and really did help me to relax.

nancy b.

It was comforting and made the bath smell great.

Laurie K.

The best