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Lisa M.

Wonderful fragrance!

Laura H.

Beautiful blue stoned ring and the bomb smelled amazing and the oils really help soothe your skin.

Chrystal P.

The rings are very pretty but the metal rodium is a form of fake platinum,the way the ad is set up it makes you believe that the rings are real...good scam but I love the bath bombs

Tamie S.

Great smell and smooth skin afterward. The Rings are beautiful. Thank you

Kim M.

Came quickly and it's beautiful

Amber Z.

I’m so in love with your bath bombs! They help me relax and Wine down after my 10-12 hour shifts that I do in a retail store.

Leesha G.

I bought it as a gift for someone

Corinna C.

Used my first bath bomb and its amazing, smells fantastic and my skin feels so soft. I cant wait to try more! I love the ring too!!

Katie B.

I made me a tub of water for my bath put the bath bomb in and got in and relaxed me I wound recommend it to anybody love it

Jacqueline B.

The smell was wonderful and the ring was beautiful.

Judy H.

Love these bath bombs, however they would be absolutely wonderful if they also made a bubble bath out of it. Would LOVE to see that with them all.

Tamatha A.

I didn’t get my ring with my order I don’t know why

Cindy S.

My honey enjoyed this one while I pampered him!!!

Maria P.

It beautiful will be ordering more bathbombs

Donna P.

Really nice scent. Beautiful ring inside! Thanks! I love it!

Vernna M.

These were bought as gifts for Christmas to my friends so that’s all I can say except they look great and will be loved when received

Mariaelena C.

It made me relax even took a nap and afterwards my skin felt so smooth!

Isabell M.

Life can be stressful and I get tight shoulders (and muscles in general) very easily, but after using this bath bomb I felt so relaxed; every muscle in my body was relaxed and ready for another day.

edwin b.

I buy the bath bombs because they are so relaxing , after a hard day once I get into the tub my worries aches everything is more rexed and calm , I just love them ,,,, and the rings are so beautiful , I wear a couple different rings a day ,,,

Shelly L.

It was great smelled nice and love watching it dissolve a little disappointed that my ring value for the 3 I received were only valued at 15.00

Sylvia H.


Barb C.

Love it smells awesome little bubbles relaxing feels good cool the water turned orange and beautiful ring 💍

Verla B.

The scent was very nice

Alana M.

It smells amazing!


Love the smell. and it was sooo relaxing.

Daniella W.

I absolutely love the rings that come in the bathbombs! And the fragrance of the bathbombs are amazing!!

Courtney p.

Loved the smell of it and makes your skin feel amazing and the ring inside is absolutely amazing



June P.

Love the bath bombs !!!! As far as the oils I haven’t had a chance to try them

Jodie C.

I have gotten some beautiful rings and the bathbombs ate great

Brian B.

Always bring a smile

Patricia T.

I love the rings they’re so pretty. I like to give them away to family and friends. But the bath bombs themselves are simply amazing. They smell wonderful you can feel the moisture on your skin immediately. And the way the ring pops up in the water is so cute I can hardly wait for that to happen. I’ll share with you a picture of my rings next time I’ll take a picture of the bath bomb in the water it was beautiful it was an awesome thing I stayed in the tub for 2 1/2 hours it was so relaxing for my body. Thanks Bubbly Belle!!!!! Patricia

emily k.

I am a very honest person when I first started ordering from you thought it was a scam I was wrong your bath bomb is great and my granddaughter loves the rings she now has 5 I am still waiting for the oils I ordered hoping to get them soon.

Christina M.

I really love the bath bombs and the oils ..... but I also really want an oil with the zen 😊

Jennifer S.

My son and I felt completely relaxed. He opened the blue heart ring, as if it were perfectly made for him! 🙂 We both love relaxing bubbles colorful water and healing aroma.

Venera A.

It smells so good I love taking a bath now

Tosha R.

I buy them for my daughter she absolutely loves them and the rings.

Mary L.

This bath bubblie was a gift for my daughter. Her son however decided she had to share so he got the bath and she got the ring. It was just beautiful and he loved the soothing bubbling of the bath bomb and the relaxing, calming sent. Thank you for an awesome product

Connie r.

Loved my bath bomb and rings!

Kathleen C.

I gave it away as a gift. I'm sure they'll love it. Girls love girly things.

Kimberly S.

Long day at work this helps a lot

Lisa A.

I've ordered this bath bomb a couple times and I absolutely love it. It is definitely one of my favorites

Carine D.

Very relaxing, smells great, and the ring is beautiful!

Michelle B.

This was a special gift for my daughter Rita. She was totally excited that I had got her one! Oh mom! You care!! 😆 She said. Thank you again for making my gift giving so simple.😁

Stephanie R.

Very relaxing

Devin O.

I absolutely love the bath bombs, they are the great for helping me relax after a long days work. The rings are an added bonus

Kim B.

I love the smells of the bath bombs

Jessica H.

I ordered two bombs and bonus ring ! Love it my fave color ! I’m Hoping for a CZ white one next ! Dedicated forever customer absolutely love how they make my skin soft and smell divine and of course who doesn’t love surprise jewelry !!!

Justin L.

Love it

Cassey T.

Loved the bath bomb I got I ordered another one. Definitely didn't dryvmy skin out most do which is awesome. Would definitely tell about the bath bombs from this site they are amazing!!!!

Kaylyn M.

After working a 10 hour shift it was just what I needed to ! I felt like a billionaire have my bath !!

Brenda T.

I love the experience of using my “Bubbly Bombs”. The fragrance is awesome and when the beautiful ring comes out, it gives me such a joy like a child at Christmas! I love it!!

Rebecca H.

Loved it!! This is my favorite!! Made my skin soft, didn’t flare up my eczema and smelled great

Elina W.

I love these bath bombs and I love the rings that y'all send with it and I hope I can get the $20.000 dollar ring because my boyfriend want to propose to me

Betty B.

The bath bombs are so refreshing and the rings are lovely. It’s a luxury that we all can afford.

Mark C.

My daughter loved it it helped with the stress and it smelled wonderful

Thomas S.

Gave as a gift

Celeste B.

Was very relaxing and loved the smell of the bath bomb. The ring was very pretty.

Elizabeth P.

Completely relaxed after that refreshing bath

Veronica D.

I love the rings 💍 my daughter's even loves them too

Josie V.

Love smell n feel of my skin after bath with it.

Scott S.

I love the smell of this bath bomb

Tiffany S.

Love how it smells and skin is so soft after!

Tul C.

My ring size is 5 and a half. You only give full sizes. I have a pile of rings that are 6 and don't fit. What metal are they made of? Can they be resized?

Beverly M.

I love my ring that I went and ordered some more and told my Co-Workers about this website.

Mary M.

These bathbooms are amazing I have really enjoyed them . They have a amazing smells to each one ,and they made my skin so soft and the smells are so amazing . The rings are so gorgeous , I've had so many people ask me where did you get them beautiful rings at . I love showing them off to other .

Aimee Y.

I love how my skin feels after my bath.

Allison G.

Just used this one today with my son the round bombs last longer than any of the other ones always more than just a ring surprise inside but what color will the water be what's the scent going to be? Also they all soften the water so much that one can tell she instant difference once dropping it in the water

Kaylene D.

Destress bath was good. Just need a couple of size 9s and 10s. I cant put them all on two fingers!!

Kimberly Y.


Mary A.

Smells wonderful and was so relaxing

Darla T.

Love it smelled good

Hiba E.

Sorry I haven't tried any of the new ones I just got, the one for destress I have got for my husband, I will let you know after he uses it. Thank you Hiba xoxo

Jason S.

My wife loved it.. I will be buying more

Malissa G.

The distress bomb really put me at ease especially with all this covid-19 I was starting to really stress out when my husband said that's enough no more new go take your candle light hot ass bath and see what ring you got

Myriam R.

Smell good love the scent made my skin soft. Love it

Mary Marlene H.


Heidi B.

Smells wonderful

Yolanda V.

Loved this one and the smell, the ring is beautiful my birthstone Too.

Barbara G.

I love The rings..

Aleshia O.

Thank you. When i received my package at work i couldn't wait to open it. I could hardly wait to go home. It was fun waiting to see what ring i would get.

Ina T.

It was very relaxing

Tara B.

I love the rings wish I could get a real diamond ring.

Tommye F.

I have always wanted to try this out, it seems the only let down is that every ring I have received so far is only worth $15. But the rings are beautiful & I enjoy wearing them. The bath bombs are nice, I enjoy my time soaking away my cares, aches & pains, general disposition. The only thing that I didn't like was that it left a ring around my bathtub. No other bath bombs I have used left a ring in my bathtub.

nancy m.

Destress, an unusual bath bomb, mostly because of the feeling of flotation I had in my bath. It wasn't very bubbly, more like very fizzy. It differed from the others I've tried because along with the fun of rainbows and rings, I felt more buoyancy with this particular bath bomb, almost like floating in the ocean without the drying effect of saline water. I liked it, even though I didn't stay in that bath very long (my bad, I ran it a little too cool). I really loved the ring that came with it, it's the deep sapphire colored on my middle finger. The setting has an over/under swirl to it (my favorite kind of setting) just like the other rings shown in these pictures. All of them came from bubbly belle, and I adore each and every one of them!

Ilona G.

I’ve already used 4 of bubbly belles bath bombs and I absolutely love them, not only is the quality great and each bath bomb is unique but I also love the surprise that awaits you after it’s fizzes out. Each ring is very beautiful and I plan on using the bath bombs as gifts!

Sevina B.

Lovem an bombs smell awesome

Angie P.

My husband and I enjoyed this bath together!

Nichole C.

the color was so pretty and it really relaxed me

Megan F.

It smells so good! Plus it turned my bath water a nice ruby color!

Colleen H.

My girls loved them for Christmas Made great stocking stuffers 9

Helen G.

It was awesome n smelled great n the rings were Absolutely stunning

Katrina P.

Exzilaration!!! Awesome sauce thanks

Carrisa H.

Relaaaax. Calm doooown. Toss this under the warm running bath water. And enjoy !

Victoria C.

It help with my stress by get it lowered

Rosemary L.

I really like the bath bomb. It was nice and relaxing

Heather S.

Loved the smell. It did not take long to get. The rings are beautiful

Vickie S.

Totally enjoyed it

linda G.

I love your product and I would buy it again smells so good. It makes you feel refreshed and I love the rings

Cyndi R.

Love this one it relaxed me. The ring is beautiful

Norma W.

Love My Bubbly Belle They Smell So Good And The Rings Are So Beautiful I'm So Happy With Them I Will Refer It To My Friends Thank You