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Carrie R.

I had my husband try this one and he was very happy with it ❤️

Bridgette B.

It was nice and I like it but cancel me out don't send any more rings and don't take out any more money.

sandy c.

with this one i did not get a ring

Terrie A.

The fragrance is so relaxing and the colors are beautiful.

Stephanie G.

Smells amazing and refreshing

Amanda W.

Love the smells and the rings are cute . Daughter keeps stillin both going to have to order. Her own set

Robyn B.

Had to return. Was layed off.

Adrienne H.

Love the fragrance and how my skin feels...gotta love the rings too

Cynthia W.


Kathy F.

love all of them

Anita H.

Smelled great!!

Kelly J.

It smells great it makes your body feel softest

Bunny A.

Love that the bombs completely dissolve and there’s no grit in the tub. The ring is an additional nice treat

Vestanna P.

I absolutely love these bath bombs my skin feels so great so soft smells so good and so relaxing

Dana V.

I love the fragrance of the Zen!!! All the bombs make my skin feel so nourished

Patricia T.


Beverley M.

I love soaking in my spar tub with my bath ,bombs normally before I go to bed, they help me relax so I get a good night 💤😴 plus they smell amazing and the rings are beautiful..maybe one day I will get lucky and get one worth more than $10.00

Martina B.

One I used turned the water a mossy green and wasn’t so pleasurable. The next one turned the water pink and smelled so nice and I totally enjoyed it.

Laverne B.


Lynda H.

Love it

Catherine b.

Zen is fresh and relaxing. It makes me feel as tho i am ready for what night wholes. But the most of what i like about bubble bell is each one you choose make you skin soft and i am a senior and on a budget. So every change i get i treat myself to a bubble bell. So if you haven't tried one yet treat yourself with any of the bubble bell. Thanks for listening Catherine Beard

Jennifer S.

My most favorite

Heather W.

I use zen in my sink because I don't have a bath tub, it's a wonderful way to begin a manicure and I leave the water in the sink for a while because it perfumes the air.

Cyndy W.


Beth S.

I tried the zen out first and was not disappointed!! The smell was so fresh and amazing! I will definitely buy this one again!!

Katherine H.

the bubbles really fascinates me when the are dissolving

Elizabeth L.

I absolutely love the each and every bath ball. I feel so relaxed when I get out and then surprise! Check out all my rings 😊😊😊 thank you Bubbly Belle

Joan D.

Can’t wait to try them out I have lots to try I am looking forward to see what I get for a ring

Zenia S.

I can't work out how to enter my codes that were in ring containers

shameka n.

Loved it make you feel good and smell real good to.

Carol C.

Bath bombs are great.

Maria G.


Gerry M.

Really enjoy soaking in the tub after I use one of these bath bombs in. They are relaxing.

Alether S.

Love them but im size 8 not 7

Julie W.

wonderful aroma and relaxing, great bath bomb

Bethany R.

The zen bath bomb was absolutely beautiful the smell alone was relaxing and it turned my water to a very light purple which I absolutely loved!!! Already ordered more! Best bath bombs ever. And the ring was beautiful!

Shannon Hazelton S.

My friend moved into a new home. So I gave her the zen bath bomb to relax and soak in her new bathtub. She was so surprised by the lovely ring that popped up while she was soaking in the tub.

Jenelle J.

Smells great!

Lea M.

I love how my skin feels so soft after a bomb bath. And the scent is very nice without being too much. The ring is just a shiny bonus for myself afterwards. I'm getting quite the collection of rings that look great and fit just right.

Malinda H.

The Zen bath bomb was the best I love all of them really they smell so good they make your skin soft oh and relaxing I just don't want to get out the tub and the rings are really nice touch thank you

Kim A.

Loved it very much


ZEN IS MY FAVORITE (so far) I love the relaxing blue bath this bomb gives you. Such a yummy aroma!!!

Tina T.

Love all the ones that I’ve purchased so far

Sarah R.


Pamela G.

You sent me a package of 4 bracelets and I have one of those bracelets left they were made very cheap and all of them the cheap band. I have a bunch of beads that they were made from all over and the forth one the band of that one is all stretched out , I have been trying to keep it together and the white piece of plastic is stretching out I would like my money back or those bracelets replaced with stronger bands holding them together so they stretch back and not fall apart or you will get no more orders from me. No I am not happy with that package you sent me!

judy s.

I absolutely love these bath bombs,there so relaxing love the color of your water

Crystal E.

Love love love the smell of it, definitely will buy more

Phyllis R.

The zen just put me in a relaxed state of mind it was great after a hard day

Luz M C.

very relaxsing

Marsha L S.

Love the smell! I can only soak my legs almost up to my knees, but I bet I have the best smelling feet in our neighborhood! I wish I had a bath lift that would help me get in & out of my bath! I almost gave up on using these bath balls because of a rather serious back injury Aug. 2018 but now I just soak my legs while I shower by plugging the bath tub while I sit in my shower chair! I am going to add a crush ball under my car seat, & yes, they are so pleasant to smell! I toyed w/ the idea of sending a photo! But then who wants to see an old ladies legs in the bath! But you can have my review because I feel so refreshed after my soak!

Jeannette A.

I love everything about it

Megan C.

I love all the bath bombs I’ve tried! They are amazing quality, smell amazing and it’s so much fun to see what ring I will get!

Jamie K.

Used it not to go long ago. It was very relaxing and cool. Plus the ring was very pretty!!!

Joyce Y.

Zen is my all time favorite aroma. The only complaint is, I have some duplicate rings. I get 6 bombs a month and I wish they had a bigger selection.

Meg S.

Great for relaxing, forgetting the world for awhile

Laura V.

Daughter loved the bathboombs The scent is amazing! The scent stays on her skin for days! My bathroom smells wonderful too! The rings look real and she loves finding them 💜

Chantal P.

The Best smell ever 🤠

Beth A.

they were very nice and fragrant very lovely

Sandra Lynn K.

Love this bubble bath bombs.

Paulette N.

Awesome !!!!!

Kassie S.

I love the bath bombs they are so great. But I do not like the fact that you do not allow users to sign into the site to create their own account. This makes it difficult if you accidentally click the option for the bath bombs to automatically re-order. Once you click that you can't get out of it, unless I cancel my card linked to it. This is a little frustrating considering how much I love the bath bombs you create. And the rings are fabulous! And considering that once I get close to running out I prefer to create my own order rather than receiving the exact same bombs every 3 months. I don't like that at all, I prefer to change it up and this makes it rather difficult.

Antonette B.

My oldest snuck this one from momma it smelled wonderful

Vicki W.

As always, I love the Zen bath bomb! Makes our hard water feel silky and eaves skin feeling soft. The aroma is like being at a spa. I don’t purchase the bath bombs for the rings but the last several I’ve gotten are almost identically designed with different color stones.

Danita H.

I got my order fast and I love my rings!

carol h.

I got a BEAUTIFUL 100.00 ring. I could hardly believe it. I also got several other beautiful rings that my granddaughters are going to LOVE wearing.........

Jesseka H.

Love the smell. So relaxing.

Indillah A.

Collosal and I’m feeling pretty!


very relaxing

Mary E.

I love bathing with the bath balls. It’s so relaxing

Katalina P.

Well scented. The rings are beautiful. The colors it changed my bath tub is fenominal

Mellaknese M.

Felt so relaxed afterwards it was wonderful

Michelle B.

I love the ring I get

Isabel C. I.


Alexis S.

Loved it

Neila M.

Love the rings

Saige W.

The bath bomb smelled great and was super relaxing. The ring fits great and I love how it looks.

Deanna P.

Love the bath bombs they are all gifts

Paula L.

It make you great. My granddaughter love it to. The smell is fantastic. It makes you feel relax. Your skin feel heavenly. We my daughter, grand daughter just Love it. The rings I Love. Thank again.

christina m.

It was awesome I loved it so much

Lindy R.

It was for my granddaughter he absolutely loves them she is 17

Jayne C.

Love them 💕

Holly S.

Love it

Bonnie M.

Soothing and relaxing.

Heather H.

Relaxing has never been better while taking a bath

Brenda H.

Loved it

Jennifer S.

Love this one!!!!!! This one is my favorite but I’m not ordering any more since they ripped me off for over a $100 and some dollar order.

Priscilla D.

I love love love MY bubbly

Rebecca R.

My ring is beautiful!! I love it! My bath bomb was relaxing and peaceful!

Anita R.

I love your bath bombs they are great quality and love the rings too

Vanessa D.

Love it

Annick L.

I get excited every time I open these bathbombs. They bubble all throughout & the rings hidden inside them are so beautiful!!! Thanks Bubbly Belle! ❤️

Donna P.

I love the bath bombs and how it makes your skin feel . Love the fragrance to the bath bombs . Could I change the size from a 9 to an 8. Please and thanks so much for these amazing fragrance .i just love rings all of them are so beautiful.

Hallie C.

It was amazing!

Sherry H.

Blue is my favorite color this ring is gorgeous thank you and I love how the bath bomb made my skin so soft!

Brandi F.

I absolutely LOVE this smell! My son likes the fizzing lol

Deborah S.

Took a outside bath with my husband and it was just great , lovely smell and very relaxing!!

Maria F.

You trying to get in touch with you it is pretty hard I would like to change the payment of my My payment for every 1st Thursday of the month

Shirley P.

This is my favorite the only thing I wish When ordering I could order all the same sent

larry c.

Love this bath bomb it's great and the smell after you get out of the tub is incredible

Sonya C.

Love it!

Lisa M.

Wonderful fragrance!