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Lesley S.

I liked the tingle I get from this bomb

Diavione S.


Kathleen B.

Order showed up in record time . Love the ring

Kristina Y.

I love how soft it makes my skin.

Sherri B.

Love the scents, so relaxing.

Chanelle M.

Smells amazing! All beautiful rings! Can’t wait to order more

Ethan Fischer E.

The warm sensation you feel while soaking is relaxing an just amazing


I absolutely love them

Mikaela P.

Love it!!!!

Destiny G.

My favorite one 😍

Elizabeth C.

This was my favorite out of the two bath salts I purchased . I got out of the tub with soft skin . I was so relaxed . it was so great.

Joyce H.

I enjoyed the ring and them fragrantance

Rebekah F.

It smelled wonderful!!

Vince H.

It was just as if there was someone was giving me a massage

Angie T.

Enjoy it

Anita M.

Makes my skin so soft and smells wonderful!!! The rings are a hoot. They look like expensive jewelry. Love it.


Please cancel my subscription...

Sonia S.

Loved it

karen h.

I gave the belles to my daughter in laws and granddaughter. Don't know what they got yet. I got the square shaped one in the little green box. It is beautiful. Thanks so much. Karen

Jasmine A G.

It has an amazing smell and made my skin soft.

Shera V.

It smell good and refreshing.

Rebecca F.

I love my bath bombs, and the gift of the rings💫

Andrea K.

Makes my skin soft

Kimiko B.

Thank you Bubbly Belle, I am truly a satisfied customer. I love the Massage bath bomb, it smelled so good and was very relaxing.

Wanda P.

This is my forth ring and there beautiful , my granddaughter waits for the next 1.

Fonda M.

The message is very relaxing. Loved the smell!!

Timothy S.

loved it

Carol V.

very good

Nikki A.

Love the massage bath bomb. It was very relaxing

Lynn R.

My ring was not the correct size.

Patricia H.

Each bath bomb is a joy. Makes the water smooth .and silky with a delightful scent that lasts the next day. Very nice experience and the ring is always beautiful. .

Ivey V.

Im absolutely in love with my bath bombs!!!

Carla B.

I love it super!

Mary E.

I will be getting more of them

Jessica D.

Loved it!! Made my skin so soft and the scent was the best from a bath bomb I have ever used. Very disappointed I didn’t receive everything I ordered!

Deborah R.

The smell of “message” is wonderful! It makes me feel great and the bathroom smells good after my bath! The surprise ring inside looks like a real diamond setting. It is a single clear stone with a silver setting that surrounds the stone. I love it! A ring you can wear all by itself. Easily looks like a wedding ring and so much sparkle in the stone!

Carolle T.

So relaxing and nuce scent to it

Kayline B.

I find these to be very relaxing and refreshing. Love the rings as well.

Tanyapa O.

I love all the smells it was so relaxing and I also love the rings I got it wonderful

Chrystal M.

Absolutely live the product and the rings are gorgeous but I ordered the wrong size so I can't wear them

Maureen M.

Cant wait to try this one

Mary H.

I like to take a bath every day and soak in it.

Hannah P.

Very nice bath bomb! The smell is lovely and made my skin feel amazing afterwards!

katherine l.

love the way it smells, feel so relaxed with it

Robin L.

I love bath Boms byBUBBLY BELLE,I’ve tried other Bath Bombs by other manufacturers. Not even close to BUBBLY BELLE,my skin feels so good and i love the way they make my skin smell good too.

Lillie B.

I love these. It leaves my skin so soft! And because of that, it leaves your skin 'scrubbed', leaving me not having to shave my legs for 7 to 8 days!! Bath Bombs should be used by all women ... Even Men. It's a great relaxation at any thing of the day. (Taking one before going to bed, helps time sleep more Peacefully!! Truly, Lillie

Teresa C.

Last night I used my massage bomb it was very nice. It was very nice!!!

Melissa L.

This is one of my favorites in my collection. So much fun to open and see what awaits you. I am addicted. Thank you!

Linda W.

Tried the bath bombs for the first time. Absolutely loved the feel of the water, so silky. The rings were a bonus that I’m saving for my great-granddaughter.

Judy A.

I feel like a princess with the action of this little treasure inviting me to jump in it's swirling motion. I believe this will be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER for our family. We have 4 married children, 21 grands (ten) married. 10 great grands. Eager to see how the 9 year old will like these.

Karyn A.

Just love these, makes your skin so soft. Very relaxing. I've recommended them to all my friends and family

Gloria G.

Was beautiful ring and the bomb was awsome.

Elyse C.

Loved the aroma and it felt very relaxing

Susan R.

I love the smell it smells so good I love these bubbly belle and the rings

Karen C.

beautiful rings love the bath bombs smell great

Teresa A.

I love the sent. So relaxing!

Audra Y.

I love these rings and love the smell of the bath bombs havent recieved one yet that I havent enjoyed! Thanks bubbly belle

Megyn S.

Seafoam is what this feels like and it’s amazballs

Robin C.

It was so relaxing and calming Really enjoyed it. I got a ring worth $15

Sylvia Y.

Felt like I had a real Massage.

Julie Z.

One if my favorites!

Kenyetta C.

Love it my body was just find after I use it.

Donna R.

I love your bath bombs and so does my husband. After he works all day he enjoys a bath in our garden tub with the message bath bomb. I love all the beautiful rings and my favorite bath bomb is orange coconut and sleep. The sleep really helps me relax before bed time.

Carrie M.

It is so wonderful one. I love it

Jessica M.

Love the bombs and the rings are so beautiful

Roxanne C.

Your bath bombs are wonderful! I need to be careful or I will be broke. I will order again.

Kimberly C.

I enjoy all the bath bombs. They help me relax and I really enjoy my baths now.

Lisa P.

I did not like the heal bombs. The color of the bath water was an off-putting brownish tint. I can not recommend them.

Elesia H.

Love it

Mary S.

Love the scents and the relaxing atmosphere while bathing love your stuff and love the rings as well. Would recommend to anyone!!

Brittney F.

Made my skin soft.

Serena R.


Monica C.

I really love this one

Erin C.

The colors made me feel like a mermaid lol

Jasmine R.

As a first time buyer, i love these bathbombs. My ring was sooo pretty.

Christine S.

Awesome .

Laura A.

love the soak I had using the Massage Bath Bomb. Felt very silky on my skin and it didnt leave a film on my tub or myself. I felt very relaxed and my legs that had been relly sore felt amazing.


Helped me relax and sleep and my skin is not as dry.

Anna W.

It was the first time I ever got a bath bomb and I absolutely loved it definitely a great purchase. I ordered the rings a size too small but they are super pretty

Holly C.

Brilliant product

Francene C.

Love it!!!!!

Tiffany J.

I loved it

Tracey S.

These rings are so beautiful and I love my bath bombs every time I go on vacation I buy at least two or at least three and oh they are so wonderful

Anita C.

Felt luxurious.

Mable A.

Love it

Diane D.

Love my baths and my rings are just beautiful

Felicia S.

I love the way it make me feel so relax. And the fragrance is great.

Donna T.

I love the smell, n the relaxation from it

Ritamae L.

It just felt so relaxing and the rings were beautiful I loved them. What a great way to get rings with great bathwater and a great ring. I was so relaxed when I left that tub. Love it

Hannah R.

I occasionally have mild back pain and this bath bomb soothed it, it smelled so good and the ring was beautiful!

Amia L.

This one was strangly intoxicating in a good way

Diana T.

Amazing Bath Bombs....They are great quality and I will re order some more.........Dee

Sherri M.


Tina S.

Enjoy them

Kay T.

I loved soaking in the tub with the massage bomb!

Petra S.

I love this ring. It look‘s amazing!

Elana Rose G.

After my first order, I immediately placed two more. The bombs are great to watch bubble and fizz. The ring is just an added bonus!

Alma A.

Love the smell

Nikki C.

Enjoying my bubbly belle bath bomb...

Jayne C.

Very relaxing love them 💕

pamela l.

I have recently purchased some bath bombs I absolutely love the bombs and the rings. thanks again