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Lafaun A.

It's was different to get ring like that.

Mary V.


cleo L.

Love the bubble balls super smelling , the rings are great.

Nicole M.


ROse H.

Love love the smells And my lovely rings 🌹

kimberly t.

My favorite person in the world, the only one that I would share my bath bombs with. We love everything about them, the scents, the effects, in this instance it's sleepy time. Keep up the great work, these are the best!

Ethel L.

I have over 50 Beautiful Rings. I am wearing 3 right now. I wear at least 2 everyday. Love the variety of colors and I get compliments all the time.

Kathy G.

It was very nice

Shannon H.

My daughters and I love these bath bombs! They smell amazing and make our skin super soft. We also love the rings. Each one is unique and so pretty!

Marie B.

very relaxing

Donna P.

They are a gift for my daughter in law so can only say they smell gorgeous & it was a very fast delivery

Brenda R.

They make your skin so soft I love them.

Hope P.

I love the bomb but my daughter took the ring.

Bianca J.

It was very relaxing was suprised to find lavender flowers embedded in it but it did add to the relaxing experiance :)

Cristalle G.

Every bath bomb I have ordered, I LOVE!!! The added bonus of a ring is a plus.....but the bath bombs are truly THE BOMB!!!

Connie B.


Christine S.

Love the smell of this one and the dried herbs imbedded in it. Very very relaxing!!!

Sandra Hood S.

My skin feels awesome! Truly relaxing.

Tracy w.

These are actually stocking stuffers. Im sure the girls will love them!!

Elise M.

Loved it, it smelled amazing and the rings were beautiful.

Theressa G.

They always smell soooo good I've placed multiple orders and will continue to do so the beautiful rings are just and added bonus 🖤

Vivian R.


brenda f.

Soak away and let go of the monkey mind.

EmiLee C.

Beautiful well made ring and a beautiful bath bomb! 10/10 would recommend!

Xaviana T.

Its so relaxing and the colors just made me smile after a long day at work

Sheree T.

I love the scent and how soft my skin is after

Malaya S.

I never received my order

Lea M.

It's a gift. But I have given them before and are loved.

John B.

My girlfriend loves them we always look forward to seeing them in the mail . They are awesome and arrive so quickly thank you so much .

Samantha D.

It was great!! Loved it!!

Crystal T.

I love your bath boombs and the rings a very pretty.

frederick m.

wife love's it

Cynthia M.

This one was amazing! I soaked a half hour which is just not me to do that Loved how my skin felt after❤️

S H.

Really love cent but won’t be ordering again as you never in anything i read mention that i would have to pay my end, it cost me another £13.00 to get it delivered, which should of been added to shipping and postage before i ordered, very upset 😠...

Patsy B.

I don't take baths. I take showers but I get the bath bomb wet and rub it all over me. It feels so good and I still have half for the next shower. I love the smells and it makes my skin feel so soft.

Heather G.

I love it

Paige S.

The bath bomb smelled so good and there's no gritty residue left in the tub. Love the ring!!

Joyann S.

I do love the smells and the rings are beautiful Ty ❤

Linda`T T.

I have a bad back and the bath bombs help me relax. Thanks!

Katherine S.

Gave them to my grand daughters they love them two of the rings fitted the older granchild the youngest put her ring away till it fits her They couldn't wait to get in the bath they smelt lovely ,

Shannon H.

They make your body feel so soft,and they smell wonderful

Telethia M.

Love it

Jennifer L.

Smelled so good made my skin amazingly soft would definitely by again

brenda Peter b.

It was super nice

Faith S.

Absolutely blissful actually the best bath I’ve had in quit sometime. I would definitely recommend this bliss ball to all my friends and family.

Danette P.

Smells really nice!

Karen D.

I gave one of my rings to a friend of mine and she loves it also know where I got them from so I told her she loves it

Carol A C.

Great help and customer service

Jill D.

I love the simplicity of this ring.

Kayla R.

Very nice laxing just wondering if the products are organic

Karon K.

Love I It

Dianna R.

My husband enjoyed as he decided to try it out before I got to. Thank you.

Julie F.

I truly ♥️ Your product! Gave them as gifts to all my gal friends for Christmas! Great if you’re on a budget and pretty rings . Only thing I could suggest is there anyway one could order multiple bombs with different size rings . My friends are multiple sizes and it would have been nice to get a variety of sizes. Maybe there is a way and I just haven’t figured it out yet 🤪✌️🦋 May your business continue to grown

Shameka B.

My daughter enjoyed it. I buy them for her.

Kimberly G.

Was Soo relxing. I didn't want to leave my tub.

Rebecca B.

I now have to order bath bombs for my son as well as myself because he loves them also, even though I get the rings 😁

Lorrie B.

This bath bomb smells so good! It is a very relaxing soak after a LONG day.

Crystal C.

WOW! I love the “Bubbly Belle“ experience! The wonderful fragrances and awesome color therapy released into each bath like a rich tie-dye really make it a luxurious experience, like no other bath I’d had before... I love getting the special ring out at the end of the bathing experience.... it’s the cherry on the icing of this lovely treat, makes me feel like a kid again only these treats are as grown up friendly as it gets. Finding out the value of the hidden gems is so very fun & ive found a few that I’ll treasure as well as a couple of beauties that I have gifted away as well. (So so much fun!)

terri s.

Had a long, hard day got home and dropped a blissbathbomb in the tub and just wanted to say thank you. I felt like it was a brand new day. The rings are beautiful. I love the idea of a wonderful surprise at the end of the day. So happy. Thanks. Will be getting more for sure.

Elisabeth S.

Will always be back makes my skin nice and soft

Angela T.

Smell was so nice that all your troubles melt away

Edie A.

I really really love your bath balls. I am a diabetic with very dry skin. When I use them it make my skin soften up. I have tried other stuff and it doesn’t work. My skin doesn’t come off in the bed anymore. Thanks a lot for the good product.

Jennifer C.

Bliss is by far my favorite bomb of all of them!

Kara B.

love these bath bombs/rings :)

Amy Z.

It’s looks pretty 😊 and smell good.

Jessica B.

Loved the bits of flower! And the color pockets! The ring was amazing too!

Stacey C.

I haven't used it yet

Mandy K.

Love them all.

Susan M.

Haven't used bomb yet , but I did break it and get the ring it

Trina C.

They smell so great and the scent is long lasting. I have never used a bath bomb that made my skin so soft!

Cathrine M.

Received them today can't wait to try them, it smells amazing!!

Kristine C.

The bath bombs smell wonderful and to have a great surprise with the ring! Makes me so 😊!

Malia A.

Really nice&calming!!! I really LOOOVVEE it but I just realized I’m a size 7.5 but either than that I would recommend!!💕✨

Jeri F.

I just love all the bath bombs that I have bought won and used they are absolutely wonderful, they not only smell great they also feel awesome on my skin the oils are breathtaking, oh and the rings are gorgeously beautiful.

Rita M.

I loved it ty

elizabeth c.


Kienna C.

It was awesome! Not exaggerated at all!

Martha M.

I haven't received my product yet.

Maxine G.

It was sensational my bath 🛀!

Solange A.

Smells fantastic! Love the bubbles and the softness in the water and on my skin.

Ann-maree B.

Came well packaged none broken. Beautiful. Definitely buy again. Cannot wait to use

Linda J.

Make me sleep better

Noretta M.

I loved them but I can’t afford to get anymore until after the third

Sara H.

Smelt great skin feels amazing and the ring is beautiful thank you Bubbly Belle

Nancy S.

Love them so much P

Wendy B.

Love the quality put into these bath bombs. Makes me relaxed after a hard night's work and they smell fabulous! Also the the beautiful rings that come with them an extra perk for buying these wonderful bath bombs, rings are gorgeous and I love showing them off.

Samantha l.

I was very impressed with my purchase. It was delivered nicely packaged nothin was damaged or missing. The bath bomb smelt really nice and it was exciting waiting to see what kind of ring I got I felt like a kid at Christmas lol. I’m glad u ordered with bubbly belle and I will definitely be making more purchases in-fact I’m waiting on another order to come in right now 😊♥️ Can’t wait to see what I get next

Judy D.

I love the bath bombs, however all three of them had the exact same ring in them. I added them to the two identical rings I already had for a total of six identical rings. I gave two of them away and have four left. I won't be able to order any more for awhile.

Denise P.

I love how super soft it makes my skin feel . Thank you , Warmly Denise 🌺

Tammi B.

I LOVE ALL MY RINGS:) all 7,,, lol they’re addicting :)

Melissa O.

Loved the smell. My skin feels amazing after the bath. Amazingly I got one for my bestie, and we got the same ring!😊

Megan F.

Bliss is my absolute favorite out of them all!!!

Laura B.

I loved how relaxed it made me feel the aroma coming from it was so peaceful and calming I know it was called bliss but it try made me feel relaxed.. The ring was so pretty thanks again for the beautiful experience...

cleo L.

Love the ring I ordered they are beautiful and fit perfect. I do have a question tried to us the code but does not work for me could you please help..?

pat k.

purchased as a gift

Rose Mary R.

Love it.

Heather W.

Smell was mild and long lasting ring was beautiful

Jennifer C.

This was my favorite

Isabel C. I.

Marcia G.


Antoinette L.

This ring is so beautiful PURPLE is my favorite color. I love all the rings that I got it makes bath time a little bit better