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Yvonne Crys W.

Heavy. Doesn't hold the scent. Very pretty.

Danielle S.

Loved the multi color inserts but wished they'd came in pairs. If you have a color themed interior this creates a need to pick two instead of uniform. The Motive Essential Oil offered a nice pick me up aroma.

Saleena C.

works great and looks amazing!

Deborah M.

It works great. Looks good too!

Kimberly B.

They're perfect for my hubby's big rig so he can use the essential oils also

Cynthia E.

Love the smells it diffuses, if I could remember to refill, also good for floor fans in the home !

Barbara B.

I put one in my car and one in my grandson's stinky car. They have been perfect for the smelly issues his car has (used car/previous owner was a smoker) and has made my car smell very nice.

Mark H.


Debra T.

My car smells WONDERFUL & is a million times better than those air fresheners you buy in the stores!! Very Sturdy!!

Constance P.

I love the necklace diffuser I received. I didn’t get the car vent but wish I had.

Peggy K.

Now this is a great little item and even though I don’t like the scents very much I can use my favorite scents for our local shop or just use my favorite perfume!!!!!!

Martha P.

They have a testing I will have to get more the next time I order

Bridgett B.

Love the oils. Although I never received the bracelet that was supposed to come with it. Great products.

Carletta A.

Works great.


Yes YL is the best. Destrss in your car and sanitize.

Connie H.

Awesome smell! Cool design. I love it in my car

Ralph J.


Jeanne G.

This is a great product for your car. You can put any of the aromatherapy oils in the diffuser and get rid of all the kids, animals, smoke etc. and your vehicle 🚗 immediately smells better.

Cynthia H.

I use the peppermint essential oil in the car defuser to keep my car smelling nice!! I love it!

Nancy A.

Christmas Gift

Raquel B.

It was a gift, she loves it how they keep her car smelling so fresh and clean

Nicki B.

I have loved the gifts I've ordered from bubblybell. My rings are beautiful and the bombs are just as fizzy as they demonstrate. So relaxing! The lava necklaces holds the smell as well.

Dorothy M.

Gifts for Christmas

Lori v.

Very easy to use I love it in my van

Shannon S.

Lasts a long time and looks cool

Dewanna B.

These are awesome! Plan on ordering more as gifts!

Toni M.

Love this and it makes my car smell wonderfully! Lots of great compliments! Would love a necklace with this exact design!

Melissa C.

Love them! I can add any scent I want! I even have 1 in a baggie of febreeze so that when I park in the sun at work I can febreeze the whole car! I just switch the pads out with the scent I want! (Never, ever, soak the pads! The baggies just keep the pads from mixing scents and from making wet spots)

Mark H.

I love this air freshener in the car! Oils are great with it and get more than one felt center with different colors. Get for changing sents.

Zoe H.


Margaret S.

I put a few drops of immunity boost in it and my car smells awesome

Kelly R.

These items are wonderful I will use them in every car. I gave mine as gifts I wish I had kept one for myself.

Penny H.

I put them in my Mother's Jeep

Mary H.

We used a different oil n them

Amanda B.

Good at calming me down during stressful drives

Simone E.

Excellent quality, convenient effective car air freshening.