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Sylvia S.

Helps with arthritis in both my hands and wrists

yvonne f.

just got mine and I wear it everyday. I even sleep with it on. I have trouble sleeping so the sleep oil is wonderful at night and you don't need very much at all. Thank you for all the products you have sold me I share with my friends and family and they love them to

Devene W.

I love it

Ramona Lynn B.

I just love my bracelet! And the oils really do work well with me. So for anyone who is still not sure about these bracelets and oils are great! The bracelets are very pretty and can be wore without any oils on them just to be awesome eye candy for you. However, I do recommend that you use the oils as well! The oils work great for aroma therapy.. Gets you noticed even sooner! Lol! My thanks GO out to "BUBBLY BELLE! YOU GUYS ARE DOING AN AWESOME & AMAZING job! 💜 TO THE WHOLE TEAM!!!

Jessica F.

Absolutely love the bracelet!! Everyone compliments it!

Keona T.

I am amazed at how well these fit in my life and I also got the BLISS OIL to rub on my 4 bracelet...a MUST HAVE!!

Tracey P.

Love it goes with everything

Linda B.

Very pretty.

Hailey S.

Really disappointed that one of elastic strings in the bracelet snapped the very first day I got it

Lisa R.

Christmas presents.

Wendy B.

Love the diffusers and the bracelets they are beautiful and smell amazing .

Brandy P.

I just like how it goes with just about anything I wear and I can have a different scent than I have on my neck

Cherie H.

I enjoy my bracelet so much. It is beautiful and has a powerful energy with the seven chakras I always have it on and it makes me happy when I wear it

Terry L.

It's just beautiful - I love it and like the bath bombs it and the oils are in a box ready for the house to sell and get moved so I'll have to let you know later on about the oils and bombs and rings! Can hardly wait for a real tub to bath in - it's been years that we have had only a shower and I do miss being able to relax in hot water.

Katrina J.

Love the convenience of the pouch the bracelet came in. Let's me carry it and two of my favorite Bubbly Belle oils.

Cynthia K.

Love all the bubble bath treats💕

Desiree K.

Christmas present for my daughter. Love it

Deanna B.

I thought it looked cool reminded me of space. When I first used it with the essential oil my dog kept trying to lick it. Lol

sandy c.

i put some scented on it

Rachel H.

Beautiful bracelet! I love wearing it, when I can get it back from my daughter... Guess I know what she's getting for Christmas!

Candi G.

I wear it everyday

Anastasia L.

Love it!! Other people have commented how pretty it is.

Judy R.

Nice fit brought balance

Jeanne k.

Very beautiful and so well made I absolutely love it wear it non stop as this was for Me!

Lexine M.

It’s beautiful, it really soaks up the oils, and smells amazing for a long time.

Angie S.

Love this bracelet however my oil was spilled before arrival so I haven't been able to use it properly

Lydia B.

My only request is they add the scent of the essence under the name. I would have chosen a different one if I knew this one was citrus, since I don't really like that scent. Otherwise, it is a great product.

Wanda L.

I use the oil on this bracelet and it holds the fragrance so well.

Zelmaoleta S.

I giving to someone for Christmas


Love the bracelets as well as the oils.

Debra S.


debbie g.

very pretty

Julianna O.

Love it

Cherith H.

I love how the chakra bracelet has beautiful colors of beads and when you put the Essential oils on it smells amazing .

SamanthaJoy D.

Your rings are actually very pretty. As long as they sparkle & don't irritate my skin were good! I haven't used my bath bombs yet. Been yrs since I've relaxed in a bathtub,or even taken a bath persay.( Im a showerer! )So, i look forward 2it.It'll be nice. My lavastone chakra bracelet is beautiful! I've Gotten many compliments & enquiries wondering where it come from?

Sharon Q.

I really love it it looks ice and smells great

Michelle S.

I love my bracelet it’s the nicest bracelet I’ve ever owned it’s a diffuser bracelet I put the sleeping oil on it and I slept for nine hours instead of two or three hours cuz I suffer from insomnia so it really makes me a happy camper thank u bubbly belle

Malia A.

BubblyBelle I looove it sooo much!!✨

Gloria G.

Absolutely lovely

Julie P.

I love my 7 chakra bracelet. It's fashionable and with the immune health oil I feel great wearing it all day. Thank u very much.

Barbara C.


Rebecca F.

I haven't taken it off! It goes with everything I wear! And fits me perfectly!

Gerlisa R.

I picked the balance oil for my diffuser bracelet and it’s helping me balance life loads between my college work, job and being a mother. I love my bracelet. :-)

Brittnie S.

Loved it. Much much better looking in person than in the pictures yall provide. Its beautiful.

Christine C.

Love this bracelet! Colored beads are great and the lava beads really hold in the smell of the essential oils. I have a small wrist so I had to cut and re-string the beads with one less bead - but that's on me. Most bracelets are too big on me.

Theresa L F.

love the bracelet, the oil and the necklace..thank you so much. :)

Robin C.

I love the bracelets you are making they are beautiful and the girls in my family can’t wait until my next order so they can have one love them

Kayla E.

I love the bracelet I enjoy using my Essential oil on it and can in take the aroma anywhere specially when I feel overwhelmed with something I just smell the oils that's on and relax.

Heather F.

Thank you so much I love it I also order the oil to go with it

Cher H.

Love the bracelet



Bailey J.

I never leave home without this! I am always telling people at work about these beads

Joy H.

I love the color and scent it generates.

Marcella C.

It works great 👍

Debi W.

I was supposed to get a free ring with this order and did not

Mark T.

Teresa N.

Put it right on be and I am pleased

Yvonne P.

It's very calming once you put it on.

Stephanie S.

I was very happy with the bracelet and the oil I got. Even though they was out of the one I wanted, the customer service department did an excellent job at handling a replacement scent close to it.

Beverly F.

Love the bracelet and love the smell of the oil.

Sarah B.

First time trying this hope it helps.



Kaitlyn R.

I love the colors and the way the bracelet feels! I might even buy some for my friends.

Jenna Y.

It's so pretty! It matches everything and the lava rocks hold the fragrance really well!

Tracy W.

Lovely just like the photos. Just a little big, but I am only small myself. Thanks x

Carol R.

It was a gift

Lacy H.

Didn’t even have it a week and it broke :(

Patty H.

It’s a very niceBracelet get a lot of compliments